Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How did you start your Morning?

Well I was soooo tired last nite I decided to turn in early but it didn't happen. I knew that I should have put the trash out, bur Ryan told me not to worry he'd take care of it when he got home in the morning. Well the problem with that is we no longer are dealing with the same trash men as before. Sometimes our trash would be picked up as late as 130pm! Even in the summer. Back in the story, Miles was up at 638am and I got up took care of the yuck mouth. I got him and noticed that he had peed thru everything. I cleaned him up and dressed him and as I was fixing his clothes I heard the rumble of the Trash Truck. I quickly threw on a bra and sweatshirt( I was a vision in red pj pants w/hearts and a grey St. Joes University sweatshirt and red Old Navy flip flops. Oh yeah the pony on top of my head had me looking like Pebbles! I'm running after the truck with like 5 bags of trash! Anyone who knows me knows I don't run after anything! The trash was collected!

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