Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hello everybody, boy do we have stories to tell but not right now. I am currently standing in the basement typing this! I will fill everyone in with the details. Later!

Feel free to call using the number you got in the change of address email. If you didn't get it email me and I'll give you the info.

Love you.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here's Your Meme

Here are the directions:
1)Grab the book closest to you
2)Open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence
3)Post the text of the following 3 sentences on your blog
4)Name the author and book title
5)Tag three people to do the same


Riley jerked to a stop. He boggled. To his left, Bruce was massaging the feet of a chanting Mitzi.

This is from Reconsidering Riley By Lisa Plumley

**not sure where this book came from!**

If you wat to do this feel free to leave it in the comments!

See Ya later!

We're Moooooooooving!

Well everyone its official, we are in fact moving this Saturday! It has been a long time coming and it is HERE! I am, at this point just throwing crap in boxes to be done with everything and I'll figure it out when we get into the new house. We al ready rented the truck and we have about 10 of Philadelphia's finest Firefighters to help us lift and load! The "mothers" will be providing food for the hungry guys and and beer courtesy of Ryan. I have no idea how to load the truck, since everytime we ever had to move something of mine always breaks! What is that about? Ryan's stuff is flawless! What should go on the truck first? Sofas, beds what? I have no clue. I know some of my online friends have moved recently and anyone else who happens to stumble across the blog please lend your advice!

I do apologize for not having more things of interest on the blog but I've got a one track mind! It'll be better very soon. So I am signing off at this time and will leave you with a meme that I found.

Love,Peace & Hairgrease!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We Too Are Settlers!

The Johnson family will be purchasing their second home on January 12,2007. We have a double settlement, meaning that we sell our house first and then buy our house. Can you all believe that is it finally happening? Do you remember when we started this journey back in August? We would drag the baby around neighborhoods looking for FOR SALE signs and doing drive by's. Our saint of a real estate agent has stuck by us since the beginning! She rolled with every punch and has perfected her "bob and weave". Looking back on the road that lead us here, I remember how excited we were when we saw the first home we absolutely loved. It was a tiny home in in a cul de sac, 3br 1.5ba open kitchen that had patio doors opening onto a newly built deck with stairs. It was very nice but small. Then we had seen numerous homes after that one and at the time nothing seemed to compare to the 1st home. Then we saw the 2nd home, remember it had 3br, office, finished basement listed at 179,000 but seller agreed to 156,000 because it needed work? Then another buyer waived the inspection and pulled the rug from under us. During this time we found 2 buyers for our house and decided to go with the person we knew(big mistake!!! never again!!!) We told her that we were selling our home for $76,900 and she said," I was thinking $72,000". Well needless to say Ryan and I were very happy. When we called our real estate agent, and talked numbers we found out that she wanted her final cost to be $72,000. That makes the sale of this house at 466,000. You do the math! This was all contingent upon a home inspection. At the same time she wasn't as accessible as we need her to be since her father was having surgery and needed to be with him. It took a while to get her home inspection done and when she received her report she was overwhelmed to say the least. She told us on Thanksgiving Day that there were way too many things the matter with this house and she would need us to come down another $20,000 and we knew that we couldn't do that ane be able to pay off the people we needed to and buy the house we wanted. So I told her that we think about it and get back to her(we had a tenative settlement date of December 18th). We told her that there was no way we could do $20,000, then she said okay at least half way at $10,000. So we finally agreed to it and feeling a lil sore if catch my drift! Ten days before we settle she backs out of the deal, oooohhhhhhh I was hotter than fish grease! We couldn't believe that she would pull a move like that and be so freakin' slow about it, not leaving much time to find another buyer. I asked our REA(real estate agent) to contact the original buyers to see if they were still interested ... and they were!

The story was condensed, it is already long as @#$# ! Please refer to this previous post to see the pics of our house!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

103.7, No it's not a Radio station!

Miles is sick... again! The first one was after Thanksgiving and caught a cold from his cousin. It lasted a week and a couple of days, it didn't dampen his spirits. This time it started with a fever of 103.7 . WOW! I called hid pediatrician and told me to give him Infant Tylenol and ply him with liquids. We did that and put him to bed. This was Friday and my parents were over to wish me Happy belated Birthday to me. Well Saturday rolled around and the boy still had a fever! It was lower but still a fever(102.9). So we just hung out and drank water and ate cereal and pears. Miles' fever didn't stop his appetite or his playtime! That was the only thing that kept me grounded. He lit up like the Christmas tree we should have had(a whole other story!) when my mother came over to bring me my birthday quiche and gifts! he had a ball climbing up and down his grandmommy. I was so glad to have my mom there and my MIL as well. Ryan started a tour on Saturday an is working a 24 today. I won't see him until Monday morning. I know my grammar sucks and this the worlds longest bloggy sentence but who cares! Anyhoo, Miles is sleeping and has a temp reading from the butt ladies and gents ( drumroll) 98.8. Keep ya toes and eyes crossed that it remains that way on Monday... we are taking to the doctor's office anyway.

Sweet dreams Miles!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well today is my birthday and I turn 34 years old and I have no issues with that! My day began with the most beautifullest thing in this world ... my smiling baby! It seemed like he knew that it was my birthday. We spent the day riding around town enjoying our city until we had dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse. We had a good time there and then there were those singing servers. Ya know the kind that gather around you r table clapping and singing the birthday song? Well they got too blasted close and loud and traumatized my child yet again. Miles isn't really a fan of bad loud music! But the sentiment was very sweet, since Ryan had orchestrated the whole thing right down to my cards that were given to me by the singers.

Once we left the restaurant, we headed home to put the baby to sleep and it was off to see Dreamgirls! My MIL kept Miles so we could go out. We went to the nicest theater in Philly called the Bridge and we paid $21 jus to see the movie! I know! I was afraid I'd have to put out or sumptin' :)

Well the movie was fab but now its over. We go to the parking garage that we always go to and its FREE! Well not tonite! We slide our stub thru the thingy and the machine said credit card needed to pay $3! We were like Hell to the naw! We flagged down an attendant and asked him what was the problem. He told us we have to pay this $3 fee to park. We told him that we aren't paying to park in a FREE lot. So we went back and forth for about a minute then he just walked off. So I got out of the car ready to pound his punk ass into the ground! I asked for a manager and he got him on the phone and told me that it is the movie theater's fault that we have to take it up with them. So now we are on the phone with the Bridge and they hung up on us twice! The parking manager now comes to the garage along with University of Penn Police. They were of no help. They again kept blaming the theater. I almost got whiplash from how fast they were passing the buck!

Ryan and I are PISSED to say the least and I am on my way to the Bridge to get this crap straight. Oh my stars this chick almost made me snatch her baldheaded. The whole while, I knew she was thinking that here goes another angry black chick showing her ass! I really didn't show my ass but I was ready to! Anyhoo, she sat and blamed it on the garage yet again! Even the movie tix said it was free parking. Needless to say it took us an hour to get out of the garage...

.... Oh yeah and we didn't pay the $3! I am sending emails to their HQ and to the local news!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas 1973 and 2006