Thursday, June 28, 2007

18 Months of one, A Year and Half of the other!


Well today Miles is officially 18mos old. He Began his day by sleeping in and didn't get up until 9am. That's right folks 9am. We got him dressed and ready to start his day of running himself ragged around the house, reading the same book 42 million times, eating, laughing, playing and learning about the world.

Miles has an appointment to see his doctor who we just lurve! We even got there on time! Well right before we were called to go see t he doctor Miles let loose a funky, stankin' mess. We managed to get him weighed and height measured and as I picked him up I noticed something on his shirt. WARNING! yup it was poo, all up his back. Letting all of the Stank out! Well I carried him to the exam room and tried to get him ot of the nasty mess as Ryan went to the car to get the reserve clothes. (We learned the hard way,after my man threw up all over the car seat and his clothes) Miles was having none of it, he wouldn't stay still long enough foe me to get him out of his clothes. I happen to look down at my own shirt and saw... cue that creepy spy music dun dun dun......... You got it! I have stinky, nasty poo on my shirt! ( Enter the Wonder Pets Olly the rabbit,"I'm stinky). Ryan showed up and wrestled Miles down to get him clean and changed. Once he had on new clothes, I started to clean my shirt and de-poo myself. Arrgh!

With that all said and done, Dr White is very pleased with Miles' overall progress and I can now report that :



31 1/2 IN LONG


Next appt. is on his 2yr B-day!

Oh yeah I am soo new to the Blackberry that I totally botched the pic I had taken on our wonderful Doctor and our son. Sorry. Maybe next time.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm feeding myself!

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Daddy's Softball Game

We went to see his batallion play and boy was it hot! I had a ball -- get it!
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I made these Brag Books

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As you know today is Father's Day, at the Johnson Home we had a great time! I made a Father's Day Brunch for my husband and Dad. We had waffles, bacon, sausage, homefries, cheese eggs, watermelon slices, fruit salad and danish. Everyone stuffed themselves silly! I got my dad an easel to display the stages that his Classic 69' Chevelle has gone through. He love it and started to put it togther immediately like a little kid. I got Ryan a car detail kit that has all the stuff you need to kook your car up right! He was pleased and can't wait to use it! I think that I have done very well if I do say so myself! I do try to celebrate my husband and Dad all the other days in between now and Father's Day. We had a really good time, oh yeah it's official Miles lurves WATERMELON! Check the pic out.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Retirement Mom!

Well today was my mother's retirement party held by her co-workers. It was held at the Marriott in Center City and we BLEW IT! Not only did we arrive late but when we got there my dad was carrying all her gifts to the car! What! are you kidding! Mom knew we were coming late because Miles would have gotten toooo antsy and torn up the restaurant! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't even get her flowers. Well after we chatted and was stopped by several women flirting with Miles we headed on home, but not before I got my mom some really awesome lillies.

Mom I am soooo sorry we missed it! Tuesday is your last day! Yeahhhhhhh! Whooooooot whoooot!

We love You!

Da Kidz

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Playdate

On Saturday my cousin Elijah came over to play in my new Playroom! It had been a while since we played together, Daddy was the one who set up the playdate. Daddy went to pick up Elijah and his mommy Tasha in our truck and Elijah got to ride in my carseat. Tasha said it was a lot like theirs. Anyway as soon as Elijah got in the doorway I wanted his paci. It was bright red and new!

We played well, meaning he did his thing and I did my thing. That was until he and I wanted to play with the same thing. Mommy had to explain that it was ok for Elijah to play with the toys too! HE also had a really cool looking sports cup and I wanted to get at the whole time. There were times where Elijah wanted my sippy cup and paci too. We had a ball running through the house and laughing and screeching at high volumes.

Mommy followed us round like ( I think you say it like this) Paper Razzy! I hope Elijah can keep coming over to play. I think we will be good buds.

Oh yeah, Elijah kept giving my Mommy kisses. I'm ok with it though but I think Daddy was a little jealous!

Here are some pictures captured on our playdate! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Well Ryan and I went out for a much needed date. It was a really good time and proved to us how much older we have become! We got a late start but that didn't stop us ta all. We were way too hungry to go to the Cheesecake Factory, so we settled on Houlihan's where Ryan got the shrimp and steak and I got the salmon. Oh yeah I had my first Mojito and loved it. I have been trying to get one for the longest time but apparently there was a shortage of mint! After dinner, we went to see Shrek the Third. It was sooooooooooo funny! Of course there was this woman ( and there is always someone who gets on my nerves at the movies) who had to laugh extra loud or make comments the whole movie. And when I am paying 9.75 a ticket you need to shut the hell up lady! Any way there were two teenagers (male and female) sharing a seat being inappropriate, while her two girlfriends sat next to her. You could tell that the whole thing was planned out...

Girl: Mom can me and Tina and Jasmine go to the movies?
Mom: Ok sure!
Girl: Can you drive and pick us up?
Mom: Yes.
Girl thinks to herself : Yeah, now all I have to do is tell Devin to meet me at the movies. My mom will never know.
Mom: I'll be back after the movie. ( and drives off)
Girl: Ok mom thanx.

*See the only thing is, I would have followed them into the theater and busted her ass wide open.

** Ok I would do the same thing if it was Miles, Pleas don't get it twisted!

*** What would you do? I mean this girl was letting this boy kiss/suck on her neck. She sat on his lap the WHOLE time. I hate to say it but she was dressed for easy access. AND if there wasn't anything going on ( I doubt it!) and they were having bible study, what kind of messege are they sending?

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