Thursday, June 28, 2007

18 Months of one, A Year and Half of the other!


Well today Miles is officially 18mos old. He Began his day by sleeping in and didn't get up until 9am. That's right folks 9am. We got him dressed and ready to start his day of running himself ragged around the house, reading the same book 42 million times, eating, laughing, playing and learning about the world.

Miles has an appointment to see his doctor who we just lurve! We even got there on time! Well right before we were called to go see t he doctor Miles let loose a funky, stankin' mess. We managed to get him weighed and height measured and as I picked him up I noticed something on his shirt. WARNING! yup it was poo, all up his back. Letting all of the Stank out! Well I carried him to the exam room and tried to get him ot of the nasty mess as Ryan went to the car to get the reserve clothes. (We learned the hard way,after my man threw up all over the car seat and his clothes) Miles was having none of it, he wouldn't stay still long enough foe me to get him out of his clothes. I happen to look down at my own shirt and saw... cue that creepy spy music dun dun dun......... You got it! I have stinky, nasty poo on my shirt! ( Enter the Wonder Pets Olly the rabbit,"I'm stinky). Ryan showed up and wrestled Miles down to get him clean and changed. Once he had on new clothes, I started to clean my shirt and de-poo myself. Arrgh!

With that all said and done, Dr White is very pleased with Miles' overall progress and I can now report that :



31 1/2 IN LONG


Next appt. is on his 2yr B-day!

Oh yeah I am soo new to the Blackberry that I totally botched the pic I had taken on our wonderful Doctor and our son. Sorry. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Yay Big Boy!!!!

Boo on the poo....

tAnYeTTa said...

He is so perfect! I love your adventures! :)

"The Booga Wooga" said...

Cousin Melanie,

So, you have a blackberry now? I haven't worked my way up to that yet and now they have I-Phones!!! I think I'm just going to stop trying to keep up. You go girl!