Sunday, April 29, 2007

16 Months Old!

Not much is happening here at the Johnson Home! We are still unpacking box after box after box! We have less now! Anyhoo, Miles is 16 months old and he amazes me everyday. His approach is always with gusto, with occasional caution. We are learning how to climb down the stairs and he's doing pretty good. For the most part he slides. Here are some pics of the Boy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Miles has had his long overdue 15month check up! That's a whole other story!

First I have to brag! Miles climbed up the steps to his Dr's office and stood on the scale and still, so his weight can be recorded. Then he preceded to walk down the hall to have his his height taken. He was such a big boy a pro even! he played with a toy he found and watited for the greatest doctor - Dr. White.

She is totally pleased with his growth and development and so are we!

When we were finished we went the lab to get his tetnus booster and he took it like a REAL trooper! NO TEARS! at all! He even got a spidey sticker to boot!


26 lbs

30.75in tall

Size 5 shoe

18-24 mos clothes

He's a big boy!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

All Night Long!

What could i possibly be talking about? You wonder! Was I out with my girlfriends all nite long? Could it be that Ryan and I were Boww chicka Bow bow! Well my my dear blogging friends you are wrong! Were up all nite long with a 15 month old boy on the verge of getting a cold/allergies! He has been congested and coughing, sneezing, and rubbing his eyes to the point I'd thought they fall out! He couldn't get comfortable enough to get some rest. That was from 3-5am. Then he was up again! This time he peed thru his diaper and Ryan went in this time and came back into the room fussing about wipes and where were they. (right out of left feild cuz they were in the same place they always are. He changed him and got him settled and as soon as he got back to our room, here's Miles crying again. We decided to let him cry until it sounded like he needed assistance. By now it is 6:30am and we are extremely tired . Ryan gets upset and hit the wall out of frustration and it ticked me off cuz he's not the only one who didn't get any sleep! So I mad the decision to just get him up and take him to his playroom and play until breakfast time and Ryan went back to sleep. I fed Miles and myself and we have been hanging out since 6:30. I can't wait until he goes to bed ! I'll be knocked out right after him. Pray that he sleeps thru the nite we both need the rest!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just in case you wanted to know what's up with us!

There has been a lot of running around lately and I haven't been able to blog. For starters we bought furniture for our front porch from Target and it is friggin cold out:( ! I must say that I love it! There is a long story about the furniture, but I'll spare you and give you the sound bite. I tried to buy the set online but they would charge me an xtra $140 for taxes and shipping and handling. It wouldn't ship until June 4th. So we went to Delaware home of tax free shopping ( see where I'm going with this), The were holding the set for me and brought it up front and the boxes were about as big as our truck! So we left it there and came home (PA) and rented a Penske truck and went back to DE and picked it up. The cost of that: $78! I'll have pix very soon but for now here!

I had to get a new desk chair for my computer cuz what we were using was killin' my back! It was $79 @ Staples!

Miles was outta food so we had to stock up. He is really attached to Stage 3 food! He is really selective about what table food he eats. I let him try everything we eat but most times he pushes it away or throws it on the floor! He is almost 16months anyone have any suggestions?
I need help!

Well the baby is asleep for the night and I getting ready yo watch the Adam Sandler flick!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Whatta Weekend!

This has been one busy weekend and I am sorry that I am just posting about now! My weekends are not like anyone Else's because my weekend begins when Ryan's 4-day off begins and that was on Friday.
Saturday was "The Baby Shower" for Cousin Najah. We don't know if she is having a girl or a boy. That would drive me crazy! It was really nice, it reminded me of my own shower in that her boyfriend was there to enjoy as well just as Ryan was present for ours. The centerpieces were diaper cakes and then were switched to real cakes for dessert ( on each table). She was loaded down with tons of stuff!

I was totally lunchin' on the picture tip, but Tasha and Roz were taking plenty so I'll make sure to steal them when they are available. There were cousins I we haven't seen since I was pregnant! So they were able to see Miles and he performed at times but warmed up and played with the kids. I was a good time had by all!

Sunday was my "not so little cousin's" son's 2 nd Birthday! He was the life of the party. Truly!
His name is Zebbie but aka Z4. Miles was all over the place like he owned the house! He ate pretzels and tortilla chips and salsa. He wasn't interested In any thing else. The food they had was YUM-O!

Here are a few pics

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