Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just in case you wanted to know what's up with us!

There has been a lot of running around lately and I haven't been able to blog. For starters we bought furniture for our front porch from Target and it is friggin cold out:( ! I must say that I love it! There is a long story about the furniture, but I'll spare you and give you the sound bite. I tried to buy the set online but they would charge me an xtra $140 for taxes and shipping and handling. It wouldn't ship until June 4th. So we went to Delaware home of tax free shopping ( see where I'm going with this), The were holding the set for me and brought it up front and the boxes were about as big as our truck! So we left it there and came home (PA) and rented a Penske truck and went back to DE and picked it up. The cost of that: $78! I'll have pix very soon but for now here!

I had to get a new desk chair for my computer cuz what we were using was killin' my back! It was $79 @ Staples!

Miles was outta food so we had to stock up. He is really attached to Stage 3 food! He is really selective about what table food he eats. I let him try everything we eat but most times he pushes it away or throws it on the floor! He is almost 16months anyone have any suggestions?
I need help!

Well the baby is asleep for the night and I getting ready yo watch the Adam Sandler flick!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a really great form of busy!!!

I'm happy to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Give Miles a break. Too soon he'll be eating everything in the refrigerator and you'll wonder where the groceries went. Remember babies have MORE taste buds than adults so foods (or whatever is put in the mouth) have heightened flavor. Keep it bland. He'll eat it.

A Grandmother

chelle said...

I am so glad you are enjoying the new house!

Denver said...

Denver was really picky about table food too. Most babies just don't like the new textures in their mouth. But eventually they just get over it and start eating everything you eat. Denver's still picky about green table food vegetables, but oh well!
I just kept offering table food to him even when he didn't want it. Then he just eventually weaned himself off all that baby food around 13-14 months.