Saturday, August 16, 2008


I know that I have not done well posting about the lil man! My apologies! I'll get right down to business.

It's no real surprise that I haven't been happy with the daycare Miles is currently attending, but I am please to say that Ryan and I finally looked into the day care right down the street from the house, it isn't the most upscale place but it didn't send me running! Miles goes for a trial week this week and we will see how he adjusts. Its in an old building that is part of a church. I am in the middle of a battle with Miles' Director (of the same company), she has some animosity toward me b/c I have her Office Coordinator at my center now and my baby is getting caught in the crossfire. I knew this was gonna happen at some point but not this soon. So I really need to get my child out of this company. She is nit-picking over everything and she doesn't have a thing on me!
It is time that Miles and I be separate so that he will no longer be a pawn in here twisted game of stupid!

I still hate my job and a few of the people as well! My newest nemesis, is the union rep and she is sneaky! She was caught covering up a part of a poster I made. So I out rightly accused her and she basically blew me off. so I will reassign her as a floater instead of a School age teacher! She will be there only to give breaks and serve lunch. Maybe that will piss her off enuf to quit! She thinks jus b/c she is a union rep she is untouchable! Imma 'bout to touch the @$%# out of her!

As always I am looking for something that I enjoy or at least be content with.

What Miles is Doing Now:

- pulling up his pants/shorts
- using the potty (sometimes)
- counting backwards from 10.
- counting up to 20
- recognizing all letters(caps only), numbers 1-20, naming shapes, and colors (some).
- praising himself "{good job!"
- coloring in his storybooks
- climbing into our king size bed.
- saying "i love u"
- says Bora =Deborha(his teacher) Zo-ee=Lorenzo(janitor)
- says "I'm ok"
- "leave me alone"
- strips naked at school!

Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Views from a window Pt 1

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