Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How did you start your Morning?

Well I was soooo tired last nite I decided to turn in early but it didn't happen. I knew that I should have put the trash out, bur Ryan told me not to worry he'd take care of it when he got home in the morning. Well the problem with that is we no longer are dealing with the same trash men as before. Sometimes our trash would be picked up as late as 130pm! Even in the summer. Back in the story, Miles was up at 638am and I got up took care of the yuck mouth. I got him and noticed that he had peed thru everything. I cleaned him up and dressed him and as I was fixing his clothes I heard the rumble of the Trash Truck. I quickly threw on a bra and sweatshirt( I was a vision in red pj pants w/hearts and a grey St. Joes University sweatshirt and red Old Navy flip flops. Oh yeah the pony on top of my head had me looking like Pebbles! I'm running after the truck with like 5 bags of trash! Anyone who knows me knows I don't run after anything! The trash was collected!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Better Day

Well the snot fountain has seemed to slack off a bit and the coughing has decreased. Yesterday miles was fit to be tied, nothing I did made him feel any better. I would feed him... nothing, I would change his diaper...nothing, I checked his temp...nothing. He just cried and cried and cried. I mean real tears and seemed like he was pissed at me for something. I don't care what room we were in he wailed! Well until we got to the bathroom and it seemed like he was a different child. But we couldn't spend the next 3.5 hours in the bathroom.... or could we? He was insistent upon walking down the hall to his playroom himself ... no tears and as soon as we got to the doorway of the room " down came the rain ..." Oh my gaw what is wrong with my kid? I needed intervention and Ryan wasn't due home for 3.5 hrs! Well once Daddy got home he calmed down. We put him in the tub to relax him for bed and it helped a lil!

Today was much much better! I am glad to report. We started our day @ 6:30am, Ryan was on his way to work and I had to get Miles and myself up and dressed and fed because the plumber is coming to finish his work! Well he called to cancel and I was irritated , it is taking him too long to finish the job. Anyhoo, we were paid a visit by Auntie India and her mother Ms. Connie. They were our first official visitors and got the grand tour and said that they loved the house!
India has told me that she is pregnant and is going to the doctor to really confirm it. She looks it to me! I am happy for her. I let her play mommy and let her change Miles and he wound up peeing on my newly cleaned duvet cover! So she did really good for a newbie! Then she took him into his room and put him down for his nap! 5min people ... that's it 5min was all it took!

Then later on My mother came over to give us our V-day cards ( miles and me and ryan) !

Ryan was supposed to be coming home tonite but he took an overtime instead!

nite- nite!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Deep Blue Book Nook

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Look at Me!

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This was Miles' first atttempt at Naptime in his crib It took him 2.5 hrs and then he zonked out!

Tabblo: lifenlove73's Tabblo

Naptime Blues

Snorts, Sniffles and SNOT!

Well Miles has been at war with his mucous and has been losing! This mess has been funning from his nose like one of those meditatiing waterfalls! Needles to say I keep wiping it with whatever I have ie. tissues, tp, my shirt, his shirt, bib, etc. Oh yeah like you haven't done the same. I think mucous is really like the Mucinex commercial, just move in and take over the nasal cavity! I think we have worn out the welcome of that dammned aspirator, I know that no child likes that thing but Miles used to be more tolerant of it. Now anytime he sees that green aparatus he begins to scream bloody murder! That goes the same with the saline nose drops. That was when he learned to call his Da! Yes folks the traumatic experiences of mucous removal has led him to develop a name to call his father!

We all have been looking like a hot bag of crap these days and just as soon as Miles is better we are getting all dressed up , ok at least dressed and take pictures. So stay tuned for those pics.

In other news :
We now have a working doorbell! Ding Dong!
Miles has a new closet rod to hang more everlovin clothes!
Ryan delivered his first baby on the job. It's a girl.
Cousin Jackson is sick with RSV. Get well soon!
Miles is getting better at brushing his teeth, HA !
I bought this and this and love it!

Well That's All Folks!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Latest News From the Hacienda

Well as everyone knows I have been trying to make sense of our new life in this new house, one box at a time. No new home would feel like home unless you have christened it properly! Well Miles has been snorting and snottin all over this house for the past 14 hours. He has been sneezing here and there and I just figured that it was from all the dust flying around from unpacking and stuff. It wasn't until 6:30 that he was getting all congested and irritable, he even had a low temp. I rubbed him down in baby vapor rub and some saline drops. I hadn't finished our bedtime routine before he fell asleep. At 7pm he was all "lights out". At 10:45 He woke up and UNCOMFORTABLE! He was was soooo stopped up he was breathing like a mad man. I tried to aspirate him but he put up such a fuss you would have thought that I was killing the boy. Miles was up and down til about 12am. Then I put my humidifier in his room and I think that the hum of the machine in combination with fatigue he zonked out, and was up at 6:24 am.

Now I am feeling congested and snotty! I am in for another long nite. Ryan was at work when all of this was happening and will be away tonite as well. We will be taking the Munchkin to see the doctor tomorrow. Keep your tissues handy .....aaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhh aahhhh chew!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tabblo: Miles at Play

This is Miles' Playroom! His room is almost done. Here are a few pics of him enjoying his space. He has tons more toys, we have to get containers to put them all in, as well as hang the curtians and pillows, lots ans lots of pillows! P.S. I am going to make them! Ha Ha Ha , no really I am!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

All in the Mustard, Trying to Ketchup!

Let's play ketchup!
Well it has been a long time since I have really posted anything worth while, this may not be it but here it goes! Well 2 weeks ago we got our Penske truck the biggest damn one they had and with the help of Philadelphia Fire Fighters we were moved in , in no time at all. I was still battling a stomach bug I had for 4 days(yuck) and still managed to direct the boxes. My mother and mother-in-law were at the new house cooking calzones and pasta for the guys oh yeah and an ass load of beer! They were all so nice to help with the move. They took real good care of all of the breakables! Once they unloaded two trips worth of our crap they stayed and hung out a while.

It was still very surreal to me that we were moving into this house. After all of the junk we had to go through. I have been trying to unpack boxes and keep Miles from throwing everything on the floor. That's is something that he's been doing for about a month and a half. Any and everything has to be on the floor!

Anyhoo, we got a new fridge (stainless steel), Convection microwave, King size bed!, a deep freezer, and a dining room table and chairs w/ a server( hasn't arrived from India yet).
I have been working on getting Miles' room and playroom up and running. It is a work in progress. I do have a pic of the mural that it is in his playroom. Lindsay of splat designs inspired me to do a mural after seeing what she did for her son Travis.

Miles has taken a few baths in the new jacuzzi tub and I must say that HE LOVES IT! He has actually cried because he had to get out. We also got him this for the tub and it came with all these fun shapes that stick to the tub or wall. He also love the bubbles! Oh might I add that he peed like a big boy ( NO NOT IN THE POTTY) in the tub! Anyone got Lysol?

I have also taken to break Miles of the swaddle and all the naysayers mind yo damned business!
I have been putting him to sleep in his crib for naptime, since we had gotten used to putting him is his swing. It was tough the first time and I DID NOT CAVE! Nearly broke my heart! It took nearly 2.5 hrs the first fay I tried it. The day after that it took 40min. The day after that 45min. With each time there is less crying, thank God! Once he gets this napping thing down I hope to begin the nite time sleep swaddle free! Keep your fingers crossed!
Miles is currently cutting 2 teeth at the same time and it seems to be a race of who is going cut the gum first. He's handling it well considering. He will have a total of 8 little daggers!
I would show you more pics of the house but it looks about the same as before we moved in. I promise more pics to follow.