Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Latest News From the Hacienda

Well as everyone knows I have been trying to make sense of our new life in this new house, one box at a time. No new home would feel like home unless you have christened it properly! Well Miles has been snorting and snottin all over this house for the past 14 hours. He has been sneezing here and there and I just figured that it was from all the dust flying around from unpacking and stuff. It wasn't until 6:30 that he was getting all congested and irritable, he even had a low temp. I rubbed him down in baby vapor rub and some saline drops. I hadn't finished our bedtime routine before he fell asleep. At 7pm he was all "lights out". At 10:45 He woke up and UNCOMFORTABLE! He was was soooo stopped up he was breathing like a mad man. I tried to aspirate him but he put up such a fuss you would have thought that I was killing the boy. Miles was up and down til about 12am. Then I put my humidifier in his room and I think that the hum of the machine in combination with fatigue he zonked out, and was up at 6:24 am.

Now I am feeling congested and snotty! I am in for another long nite. Ryan was at work when all of this was happening and will be away tonite as well. We will be taking the Munchkin to see the doctor tomorrow. Keep your tissues handy .....aaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaahhh aahhhh chew!

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Anonymous said...

Oh feel better you poor babies.

Miss you.