Friday, June 30, 2006

Reading IS Fundamental!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Marvelous Miles Mugs!

Hi, I'm Your cousin Jackson! ... You must be Miles!

Miles' cousins from Chi-town came to Philly and stopped passed our house. This is the first time that they have met each other. We check out each other's blog but that is really the only way we know what's going on with each other's children. When I saw Jackson, he is just as adorable in person as he is in pictures! As I watched both boys it was bananas how many similarities they have in mannerisms alone! I have gotten so many responses that Miles and Jackson resemble each other.... they are family after all! Here are a few pix from the visit!

* Look at how Jackson is sizing up Miles and Miles is totally unaffected by him.
They did warm up to each other and got along well. Must be their awesome parents!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

You Look Mahhvelous Dahhling!

This is me all decked out in my Christening outfit that my Godmommy Stephanie bought me. I thought you all might enjoy these pictures that I took just for you all!

My Special Day!

Hello everybody! I just put my Mommy and Daddy to bed, they have had a very long day. I got Christened today and everybody kept telling my parents how quiet and good I was. The ceremony itself was very quick. It was me, Mom, Dad, and My Godparents: Stephanie andKarron to witness it, all other family were seated. They said a couple of prayers and he put his wet finger on my head and prayed again. ( I hope he doesn't put his hands in his mouth, like I do!) I wasn't afraid at all! No tears from me! Service was long for me and I began to get a little antsy and began to talk and sing on my own. It was all so very chaotic, people everywhere looking at me with goofy faces! I never got a chance to take pictures in my outfit so Mommy said that she is gonna put me back into my clothes for a photo shoot!

Once the service was over, we headed on home and Mommy jumped out of her church clothes faster that Flo Jo! Mommy still had to cook food for everyone and she had the help of her good friend Lisa. People started to come bit by bit and before you know it we had a small mob! Family and friends stopped by to see me. Most people hadn't seen me yet (out of mommy's belly that is!) Mommy wasn't able to take pictures of everybody with me and she apologizes, but if you remember she was busy taking care of guests and me and don't forget burning food!
people were requesting the burnt food.... go figure! I took pictures with my Aunt Virginia, Aunt Karen, Mrs. Benjamin, my cousins Lisa and Jan, Uncle Robert and Poppie.

We had all kind of snacks and things but most importantly ...dessert! Two chocolate cakes, apple pie, lemon cake, cheesecake. Yummo!

Anyway, it was a busy day for both of my parents, which is why I put them to bed and I'm blogging! :) My mommy will be so proud of my progress. Stay tuned for more pics that will be taken from the other digital cameras my mom can get her hands on!


Monday, June 19, 2006

This just In .....

Today my mom came to see Miles since she had been at the beach for the week,relaxing and enjoying her time alone. She had her camera with her and showed me some of the pictures that she had taken. As I was flipping thru her images, I saw pix of my baby boy. Here are some never before seen pix of Miles' early days.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fodder's Day!

Friday, June 16, 2006

June Cleaver I am not!

It has been a while since I blogged and I must admit that I wasn't sure that I really wanted to. I am starting to feel theless than positive effects of being a stay-at-home-mom. Please do not get it twisted, I absolutely love watching my child grow up and shine. I just feel a bit BLAH!

Alert!! Maybe it's because I'm going thru the girl thang, but I feel like I'm caught in a whirlpool and not in a good way. The world is just spinning around without me and no one seems to give a damn! Ooops! pardon me but, that's where I am right now! I'm torn because if I was offered some relief so I could go spinning around with the rest of the world I'd probablly be hesitant and decline. Being a first time Mommy is bittersweet, ya know! I'll talk all BIG and act like I'd turn him over to to the "Grands" but when confronted with it I punk out! If I'm doing anything it is usually with my baby on my hip which as you know can get a bit cumbersome!

I think that I have to learn to ask for help because, no one is going to know you need it unless you open your friggin' mouth! There's so many things that need to be done in a day and and it simply can't be done. By the way who dubbed me "The Laundry Lady"?

Oh yeah! what about the house constantly being in a constant state of chaos? Nothing gets put back where it belongs and I'm constantly picking up onesies, socks and bibs and the like. No sooner than I pick it up its right back! I can totally sympathize with the Fabreeze lady on t.v. .

Anybody else have the bottle washing and sterilizing woes? I beleive that I have developed Tourettes Syndrome giving me a tick that forces me to keep saying Shit, shit, shit! To be honest there have been times where there have been a few bottles that haven't made the sterilizer cut. I mean is it really gonna damage Miles? If so let me know and promise that you won't report me!

Arrgggghhhhhh! Diapers! Smelly, poopie, pee-pee! Don't get me started, Enuf said.

Tune in for more .........

Monday, June 12, 2006

Miles' MOMA moments...

MOMA Moment #1
Medium: Crayola Crayon 8-pack
Date: 5-29-06

MOMA Moment #2
Medium: Rose Art Finger Paints

My Day Care!

Play Time

Nap Time

Snack Time
And Pretend Play
Just some things I do during the day. I enjoy the safe atmosphere, I'm fed when I'm hungry, I nap when I'm tired. I'm sung to, played with, hugged and kissed. Relax peeps my caregiver is my Mommy! She took a whole year to be with me. I grow so fast that she didn't want to miss a bit! Isn't she great, I think so! Oh yeah My daddy is pretty neat-o too!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Miles and I were about 10 minutes into our nighttime routine, and all of a sudden, out of the blue were clear sounds.


I couldn't believe my ears! I'm solo for the night and I immediately called Ryan. At first he was acting like Michigan J. Frog : (The frog from The Bugs Bunny Cartoons or for you youngins: WB frog)
Silent, then he let loose and Ryan couldn't believe his ears and was excited to hear his son speak recognizable sounds. To make sure that it was legitimate and not me just fixating over my perfect kid (LOL!) .... I called my mom. I let her listen to Miles and she confirmed that he in fact was saying Ma Ma!

Miles insert: Oh Yeah Sweet Potatoes Rule!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Party Pix!

Ryan and Miles

Miles and Grandma




Happy 33rd Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Daddy's Birthday and Mommy is taking Daddy to see X-Men III. I'm going as a chaperone. I didn't like X-Men, and I was asleep when my mom snuck into The Break Up. Well the day was busy for me they kept me up all day and boy am I tuckered out! Don't I look it? I am wearing my gift to my dad. Do ya like it? Mommy did it 'cuz I'm not allowed to use the iron yet.