Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's been a while...

...Since I have blogged for real. These days I am doing lots of things, like running after Miles. He is now climbing up and down the stairs more than playing with his toys! I also believe that clothes in this house are multiplying! Every time I turn around there is a pile waiting for me to wash. Same thing goes for the dishes! Let us not forget there is still unpacking to do. My goodness! I am just getting to our bedroom and I just came to terms that there is entirely toooo much CRAP! So I began to throw away or donate stuff. The house is coming together slowly. I have decided to try to sell diaper cakes for real now. I am going to try to set up something on the Internet very soon that is the goal! I am really excited! It won't just be diaper cakes but that's all a secret for now!

Ryan had been doing a lot of overtime and we are both feeling the effects of it! But I have to say that I am extremely lucky to say that I have been out of work and into another kind of work being at home with Miles and my husband supports that! I have still been looking for a job but the story is that I am too qualified for some things and not qualified for the rest! I keep trying and in the meantime I'll enjoy watching my son grow in leaps and bounds. He just turned 17 mos on the 28th, WOW!

Miles has been making a lot of the alphabet letter sounds and jibbering up a storm. Still waiting for some real words! Please if your kid has been talking in complete sentences from the womb, good for them! He has become more interested in his books other than to eat them. He holds the book properly and turns the pages for the most part 1 to 5 at a time!

Well I don't want to spoil you so I'll leave some for later! Sorry to my loyal readers all 5 of you. Oh yeah, Ryan's Birthday is on June 2nd! Be sure to wish him a happy one!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get Your Miles Fix

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Finally !

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Latest Project

Front Back Finished Product

What tha' ?

On News Stands Monday!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hip Hip Hooraaaaay!

The Swaddle Report Update!
Last night we put Miles to sleep at 7:44pm and are you all ready for this......
Now I am completely pleased that my son is finally getting it, and last night was truly a gift and I should have been able to enjoy it but I couldn't. Why, you may be wondering? Well for starters it was too hot in our room with the windows open. On top of that Ryan snored to beat the band. So there you have it! I would like to thank Janet and Arlene for there well wishes it worked. Lets keep our fingers crossed for another night of SLEEP.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Swaddle Report

Well we were waiting for Ryan to go on vacation so that we could begin putting Miles to bed without his swaddle. Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, know what issues we have been having and for those of you who are just tuning in for a giggle or two yes my 16month old son was being swaddled.

We began last Wednesday and we put him down at 7:30, usual time and it took forever to get him to go to sleep. He thought it was playtime, even though his body wasn't up for it! He finally went to sleep at 10pm and he kept waking up and we all were tired so we swaddled him. Thursday and Friday we swaddled him we crapped out and decided on Saturday nite we'd start again! Well we put him down reg. time and he got to sleep by 9:30pm. Sunday we followed thru and put him down and he went to sleep. Last nite(Monday) he was asleep by 8:11.

****Miles didn't stay asleep for the entire nite! There were times where he would wake up and be up for a while but it is getting better. I am sure that we are breaking some kind of nite-nite rule but we stay in there until he falls asleep. I know that it will take some time and I am prepared for that, but if anyone has any advice on what worked for them .... aim and fire! I'd like to know. So lets hear it for the boy!*****

Keep your fingers crossed and say a lil prayer for Miles, so that he may STAY ASLEEP!

Flea Market Finds

This weekend we went to two flea markets and I got a great deal on a lot of things. I got the following things:

Talking Cookie Monster $8

Little Touch Leap Pad $10
I thought that these were really great deals.
I also got:
Sterling Silver hoop earrings
OPI nail polish
ESSIE nail polish
Cool head scarves on head bands
Cleaning products
night gowns ... and more!

My new chair!

Yeah the paci is still PINK!

Future Gardner of America

This is my new garden hose attachment, it has to go thru oral inspection!

Snack Tyme!

Here is Miles having his snack after his nap. Dosen't he look excited?