Thursday, November 30, 2006

Are We Related Or What?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am 11 Months Old Today!

Hello Friends and Family,

My Mommy and I are a little under the weather. We both have runny noses and give each other tag team aspirator treatments. Mommy's throat is becoming very sore, maybe its from singing all of the Backyardigan songs at the top of her lungs! I had a slight fever but its gone now. This cold hasn't stopped me from doing the things in my daily routine. I am cutting three more teeth at the same time. I really enjoy cruising around the house, especially creating my own obstacle courses. I like climbing over end under the rungs and legs of chairs. Mom is busy with me as well as packing up our stuff to prepare for our BIG MOVE! She really has her hands full.

Mommy had to weigh me on the scale before she gave me some medicine and it read 24.5 lbs! We'll get more accurate numbers at my check up! That's next month, and boy is it going to be crazy! The following things happen in December:
  1. 12 month check up.
  2. 1st hair cut
  3. Birthday on the 28th.
  4. settle on both homes on the 18th.
  5. Nailah's B-day Party on the 2nd.
  6. A baby shower on the 3rd
  7. Moving Day TBA

I will keep you posted , but for now I need to get some rest.



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A-Z of Me !!!

A - Available/Single? Married and Lovin' it!
B - Best Friend? Ryan, Mommy, Stephanie, India.
C- Cake or Pie? Both
D - Drink Of Choice? Coke but only on occassions- have PKD otherwise cranberry juice.
F - Favorite Color? Red
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy Bears
H - Hometown? (born in ) Philadelphia, PA
I - Indulgence? French Fries
J - January Or February? January
K - Kids & Their Names? 1 and his name is Miles.
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Love
M - Marriage Date? Nov 10
N- Number Of Siblings? Only 1 half brothers and 2 half sisters
O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples
P - Phobias/Fears? spiders, death
Q - Favorite Quote? I don't have one... yet.
R - Reason to Smile - My Life!
S - Season? Fall
T - Tag Four People? Janet, Tanyetta, Tasha or Roz
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I sleep with a stuffed animal.
V - Vegetable you dont like? OKRA!
W - Worst Habit? Cracking my neck
X - X-rays You've HadRecently.. my foot when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I stepped on a belt buckle and puntrued my heel.
Y - Your Favorite Food? Mexican and Italian
Z - Zodiac Sign? Capricorn

Sunday, November 26, 2006

When you wish upon a list...

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you have been asking what to get Miles for Christmas and/or his Birthday so I started a wish list for him. This list will give you an idea of what types of things he'd like. He is also taking more of an interest in his board books. He really enjoys The Backyardigans! Miles clothing size 12-18mos and is transitioning into a size 4.5 shoe. If you still need suggestions or want to run something past me let me know.

Best Wishes,

Melanie A. Johnson

Check out Melanie A. Johnson's entire Wish List at:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Gone But Not Forgotten

It's a sad night at The Johnson Home. I was on my way to take a shower, when Ryan came upstairs asking where I was. I met him in the hallway and he had "The Look" on his face and it was the same look when he told me Alabaster had died. I asked him, "what, WHAT!" It's Sepia, he said and instantly I knew what had happend. I had gone down there to see him and hold him again and I knew that it wouldn't be long before he was right next to Alabaster. Sepia had passed away. We're not sure when it happend, but tomorrow we are going to have a ceremony like we had for Alabaster.

Ryan had given me these bunnies on our 1st Christmas in our home. This is how he did it...
On Christmas morning he gave me a little pink bunny with a carrot with earrings in her ear. And I was getting all giddy. Then he said if you don't like this one you might like this one and pulled out the white bunny and placed him in my arms. Before I knew it he said now if you don't like taht one how about this one and he handed me the brown one. Now my eyes are burning from trying to hold the tears back. I have two rabbits! Anyone who know us knows that theses two were our first babies b4 Miles.

I just can't beleive that now they are both gone!

I am ending it now because I'm sad!

Mommy Daddy and Miles

Sunday, November 19, 2006

He's Safe!

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Park pics!

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More Park Pics!

It's a Wonderful Day in Someone Else's Neighborhood!

We went to the Park in the Burbs! We needed to get out of the house and put a pause on obsessing on our MOVE! Miles really had a good time, he especially like being on the swings. We saw 2 dogs big ones! There was a little girl who just loved Miles. She had to be at least 3yrs old. I just loved the way she said my son's name.... Marles.

I was a really nice day. The air was crisp and smelled of newly fallen leaves. There were kids of all ages there and everyone, adults included were very engaging. I can't wait to go back especially once Miles is independently mobile.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tag You're It!

My girl over at Dancing Through tagged me to be apart of the People Connection Meme. All I need to do is to come up with five things about me and it dosen't matter what. Crap! I'm having a brain fart! Ok here it goes ....

When I was a kid...
  1. ... I used to sneak a packet of Apples and Cinnamon Quaker Instant Oatmeal and eat it in bed!
  2. ...I wanted to be the black version sof MaryLou Retton.
  3. ... I dared my god-sister drink her own pee!
  4. ... I had an afro.
  5. ... I called elephants --- osebats(Ah-see-bats) don't know why!

There you have it folks.

Note to those I tagged: Just come up with 5 things about anything that is YOU! Then tag 5 more people. Make sure that you link their names with their sites. Oh Yeah, when you are done...mosey on over to Sharon's Five Things and let her know she can link your five things.

1. Lindsay

2. Yazzie

3. Tanyetta

4. Rosalyn

5. Lara

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello... It's been a while, I know!


I know that I have been neglecting my readers and I do apologize. Let me catch you up to speed. As many of you know, we have been looking forfor a new house. We have fallen in love with a couple and none of them panned out. We were devestated and let down. We had done sooooo much running around trying to make sure all of our duck were in a row and to no avail... nothing. Everything seemed to happen so fast, we applied and approved for a mortage loan, put offers in writing, put down money as good faith and then the rug was pulled out from beneath us.

We were exhausted, sleep deprived and just plain drained. We kept on truckin! We went to see a couple more houses and low and behold................ we came across a complete re-hab. 4br 1ba 2 half ba. front and back yard, 2 finished rooms in the basement and a huge third room. There are back stairs from the kitchen(tiny) that lead to 2nd floor. Hardwood floors! Yay! We made an offer that day and the seller agreed and is aware that we need the $$$$ from the sale of this house to buy NEW house! AWESOME! I'll say! We have onle one more "T" to cross and hopefull we will be able to settle both homes on the same blasted day. December 18th! Holy Crap I am happy to be out b4 X-mas! and Mile's 1st B day. All my blogging buddies are invited. It seems like so many of my local friends are way too busy for me lately and you all stay true blue!

I dont have pics yet but when I do you know I will share with you!

PS. Thanx for the comments, I do read every one's blog, I just don't have the time to post! Ya know with packing, being full time mommy to Miles and wife to Ryan, who I have to thank personally for being patient w/ me! Thanx Sweets! Oh yeah still looking for a JOB!

Chat later!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Please Touch Museum

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A Blast From The Past!

This is a picture of a momorail ride that used to be in a Philadelphia Department store, John Wannamaker's . Wannamaker's is no longer and the ride lives at The PLease Touch Museum.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

5 years and counting!

Thanx for 5 and here's to 5 more!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Diaper Cake

My MIL asked me to make a Diaper Cake for someone at her job. This is my first one and it's public debut. As I was making it I got many more ideas and noticed things I need to change. Let's see if we all are on the same page. Please let me know what you Liked or not how to improve etc! Thanx! Posted by Picasa

It's Miles!

I don't even bother cleaning up unless we have company any more. It justs gets undone! Plus I'm packing!

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Ice Ice Baby!

I am in no way trying to influence this child to be an Alpha Man. This is his Uncle bryan' cup from college!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006