Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello... It's been a while, I know!


I know that I have been neglecting my readers and I do apologize. Let me catch you up to speed. As many of you know, we have been looking forfor a new house. We have fallen in love with a couple and none of them panned out. We were devestated and let down. We had done sooooo much running around trying to make sure all of our duck were in a row and to no avail... nothing. Everything seemed to happen so fast, we applied and approved for a mortage loan, put offers in writing, put down money as good faith and then the rug was pulled out from beneath us.

We were exhausted, sleep deprived and just plain drained. We kept on truckin! We went to see a couple more houses and low and behold................ we came across a complete re-hab. 4br 1ba 2 half ba. front and back yard, 2 finished rooms in the basement and a huge third room. There are back stairs from the kitchen(tiny) that lead to 2nd floor. Hardwood floors! Yay! We made an offer that day and the seller agreed and is aware that we need the $$$$ from the sale of this house to buy NEW house! AWESOME! I'll say! We have onle one more "T" to cross and hopefull we will be able to settle both homes on the same blasted day. December 18th! Holy Crap I am happy to be out b4 X-mas! and Mile's 1st B day. All my blogging buddies are invited. It seems like so many of my local friends are way too busy for me lately and you all stay true blue!

I dont have pics yet but when I do you know I will share with you!

PS. Thanx for the comments, I do read every one's blog, I just don't have the time to post! Ya know with packing, being full time mommy to Miles and wife to Ryan, who I have to thank personally for being patient w/ me! Thanx Sweets! Oh yeah still looking for a JOB!

Chat later!



"The Booga Wooga" said...

Hey Melanie & Ryan,

Glad to know that you found a house that's just right for you and I hope that last "T" is crossed so you can make your move.

Regarding "The Booga" and his Tigger outfit...Tasha only took 2 pics of him and it appears that he turned away from the camera both times. We're going to try again at another time.


Anonymous said...

Whoo hooo...All my appendages are crossed.

Miss you.

Denver said...

Denver's Mama says: Trust God throughout all of these transitions and He will continue to make a way!