Sunday, November 05, 2006

Off With Their Tales"'

Tonite Miles and I are on our own while Ryan is at The Big Nickel. We were having our last look at PBS Sprout, Elmo has sung "dog" song and the show had been brought to us by the number 6 and the letter H and the opening credits had begun. All of a sudden Miles frowned up and began to cry the kind of cry where there is no sound and he turned beet red and then came the sound! He wailed like there was no tomorrow. My heart sunk into my chest and it seemed like forever for it to click! I couldn't find the button fast enough to make it stop. I couldn't believe that these fictional flying reptilian bastards were terrifying my son. He has seen them before and he never reacted to them, come to think about it the same thing happened last night and he was just as frazzled!

So my baby boy, my wish for you tonight is to have sweet dreams. You know exactly who to call if they come back. I will ride in on my white horse and save you and together we will conquer the wing-ed dragons!

Off with their "Tales".

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Anonymous said...

Lily has some crazy anxieties towrad a few make-believe characters too. I don't know. I guess they just don't know the difference yet. They can't tell what's real on TV and what's not. Cute but I feel for them.