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My Natural Hair

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Miles' New Room

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I am Sooooo Sorry!

It has been a really long time since I actually posted to Miles' blog! There have been many things going on the the Johnson house. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my only boy, Miles in moving up to "Big Boy" under wear! I began the potty training process the day after my sleep stud and I was haggard! But in a week he was getting the hang of it! We need to work on nite time potty! Any and all suggestions are welcome! Miles has also begun to read words! Wooot! I was so pleased, so I just made up a couple of flash cards and we play a game. His teachers suggested that I put pictures with the words and for some sight words its a little hard. He taught me and Ryan how to sign the alphabet. He is an excellent teacher... very patient.

He is constantly gaining confidence and Independence with everything he does! This summer, at the shore, he was determined to get into the swimming pool by himself. While I was nervous we allowed him. Lessons will be coming soon! Miles really likes to sing and learns them fast! He sings all over the house.

I can't believe that he will be 4 this year! Year three seemed long ans challenging at times but I am so happy with Miles' progress. Two years ago I wasn't sure what we were in for, but was up to the challenge!

Oh yeah! He wont nap anymore! I do however put him in his room for alone time! Sometimes he'll sleep but most days NO!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Day!

Today, before Miles had to go to school we Took him to the Please Touch Museum. He really had a good time. He directed us this time instead of us prompting him. It was great to seem him interacting with other kids and making good decisions! What a kid!

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A Play Day with Nannie!

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Project Potty Training!

I am pleased to report that Miles has really done well with potty training. I was quasi-following the Potty Training in 3 day manual and I must admit I was a skeptic at first and still wasn't convinced by the end of day 1. Miles went to school and i am to assume that he did well because he was still wearing the same clothes. He has been having NO accidents and asking to use the potty and use it! He is soooooo cute in the BIG BOY undawears! He loves to wear them, mostly taking them off. He was flashing the cheeks a few times! We will continue this journey, we couldn't be more proud of you Miles! I feel so lucky that I was home to show him the ropes. Not having a 9-5 outside of the home has allowed me to pick up where we left off a year and a half ago!


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Miles' New School Pics!

Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Potty Training!

This is Miles on his first day of Potty training. I took off his pull-up ant told him that we are going to be putting our pee and poop in the toilet from now on. He listened to me and looked as if I had given him a lecture on quantum physics! I was dead tired after having spent the night at a sleep study. Miles made 4 total accidents and no deposits in the potty. I do put a pull up on him for sleep times but as soon as he gets up they undies go right back on!

I don't have a pic for day 2, however I have great news to report Miles only messed up two pairs of undies and and made a pee pee deposit. His nannie( Arlene) was there to witness it! He was so excited that he put pee in the potty. He was singing and dancing around the house. I have had my eyes glued on him every second so that I would be able to see what he looks like when he gets the urge! He is so cute ! He says things like I pee peed !
Day 3
Today Miles had to wear a pull up for an errand but he still is responsible for letting us know if he has to pee or poop. By the time we got home it was nap time and he had on undies once he woke up! He began to look funny and was grabbing his penis and had a nervous look and he ran toward the bathroom and i picked him up and put him on the pot and he peed. He kept saying he was finished and I was able to distract him by singing a song and he peed again. The some time later he asked for the potty and he had an explosion! (nuff said). Then he was off and playing again. I noticed that he was tugging at his undies so I carted him to the potty twice and he did nothing. He had this deer in headlights look and I knew it! He wouldn't move at all and before I knew it he had pooped and I had to carry him to the bathroom and clean him up. We tossed the undies, put on a new pair and we have been smooth sailing ever since. He has peed once more in the potty and haven't had to change his undies. He goes back to his afternoon class tomorrow and they will be instructed no to put a pull up on him. So stay tuned for more of the Adventurers of Potty Training!

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sleep study

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Miles Today!

We Have a Graduate on Our Hands Family!

We are soooooooooooooooo Proud!

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Sophia Ina Skeete

Sophia Ina Skeete
May 1, 2009 @ 4:26am
6lbs + 15ozs; 19 + 1/2 inches

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Long time no see!

I need to apologize to what readers I have left! I can't believe that I have been away for such a long time! Well her is and update on the family:


Miles is doing very well. He has however been sick off and on as usual, colds and such. Right now I am trying to get his skin under control. He eczema had been set off by something. He's reading books, and especially loves to look at catalogs for school supplies! He his actually reciting the Dr, Seuss ABC book.( only because we read it with him at least five time before bed since he was 1 yr old! He enjoys his sign language book and can sign his name. His teachers are very impressed with his puzzle completing abilities, letter , number, shapes and color recognition( although he knew them before he got to preschool!) He sings a lot now too! He loves Laruie Berkner's " Monster Boogie" and " Rocket ship Run" and the classic, "Where is Thumbkin?" He can be seen dancing and singing in a living room near you!

Miles knows now to give a grown-up his hat and coat when he gets in from school, instead of dropping it all for us to get. He also helps with getting dressed in the morning as well as undressed for bed. He praises himself when he knows he has done something "good" . He'll say, "good boy"! He will also say it if he knows he's gonna get in trouble. He's a slick one. He's following directions better,we still are working on that.

Can we talk about his temper? Man alive! I really can't talk b/c I have a red hot temper so I may have something to do with that! lol. He will get in a mood and once it has started that's a wrap!TANTRUM CENTRAL! I personally am not a fan of it but jeez he's three! I guess we got lucky because his two's were pretty mild. Making up for lost time I guess.

Miles is sooooooo affectionate he pres u when he wants a hug. He'll say, " I give u a hug" and hug your neck really tight! He loves Eskimo and butterfly kisses.

Miles is an arts and crafts kid! Stickers and paint are his medium!


We are pleased as pie that Miles is doing so well! We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in November! We were able to get away to our hiding spot, but I had a broken foot. He loves his job and I hate mine but understand and am grateful to have a job but first chance I get Im outta there!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dinner with a three year old!

This is my big boy three year old having dinner on the couch!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dem bonez Dem Broke ASS bones!

Well on Monday as I was getting Miles and I ready, We headed down the stairs and man are we running late! The doorbell rang and instead of taking our time and counting each step, I threw him on my hip and bolted down the stairs! We got to the landing and i took a step as is to take s step on the floor and I twisted my ankle and fell down three steps! Yes Miles was in my arms ! He's fine however I broke a bone iin my foot. Ugh I hust twisted both my ankles before Christmas and now I actually broke the booger! I go to the Foot Doctor on Friday. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm 3!

This is Mile on his third Birthday. We didn't get all crazy we just kept it simple since the boy is about allergic to most things! We did another Rice Crispie treat cake. This time he seemed to enjoy it more this year! We sang Happy Birthday to him and when we were done he said
" Birthday Party!"

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Eve Family Dinner