Sunday, March 08, 2009

Long time no see!

I need to apologize to what readers I have left! I can't believe that I have been away for such a long time! Well her is and update on the family:


Miles is doing very well. He has however been sick off and on as usual, colds and such. Right now I am trying to get his skin under control. He eczema had been set off by something. He's reading books, and especially loves to look at catalogs for school supplies! He his actually reciting the Dr, Seuss ABC book.( only because we read it with him at least five time before bed since he was 1 yr old! He enjoys his sign language book and can sign his name. His teachers are very impressed with his puzzle completing abilities, letter , number, shapes and color recognition( although he knew them before he got to preschool!) He sings a lot now too! He loves Laruie Berkner's " Monster Boogie" and " Rocket ship Run" and the classic, "Where is Thumbkin?" He can be seen dancing and singing in a living room near you!

Miles knows now to give a grown-up his hat and coat when he gets in from school, instead of dropping it all for us to get. He also helps with getting dressed in the morning as well as undressed for bed. He praises himself when he knows he has done something "good" . He'll say, "good boy"! He will also say it if he knows he's gonna get in trouble. He's a slick one. He's following directions better,we still are working on that.

Can we talk about his temper? Man alive! I really can't talk b/c I have a red hot temper so I may have something to do with that! lol. He will get in a mood and once it has started that's a wrap!TANTRUM CENTRAL! I personally am not a fan of it but jeez he's three! I guess we got lucky because his two's were pretty mild. Making up for lost time I guess.

Miles is sooooooo affectionate he pres u when he wants a hug. He'll say, " I give u a hug" and hug your neck really tight! He loves Eskimo and butterfly kisses.

Miles is an arts and crafts kid! Stickers and paint are his medium!


We are pleased as pie that Miles is doing so well! We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in November! We were able to get away to our hiding spot, but I had a broken foot. He loves his job and I hate mine but understand and am grateful to have a job but first chance I get Im outta there!

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Arlene said...

Thank you for gracing us (me) with an up to date post. Thank God I see the boy regularly. If I had to rely on a post...