Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dem bonez Dem Broke ASS bones!

Well on Monday as I was getting Miles and I ready, We headed down the stairs and man are we running late! The doorbell rang and instead of taking our time and counting each step, I threw him on my hip and bolted down the stairs! We got to the landing and i took a step as is to take s step on the floor and I twisted my ankle and fell down three steps! Yes Miles was in my arms ! He's fine however I broke a bone iin my foot. Ugh I hust twisted both my ankles before Christmas and now I actually broke the booger! I go to the Foot Doctor on Friday. Wish me luck!


Days like These! said...


i hope it heals properly and soon.

Tanyetta said...

how are you feeling now????

chelle said...

oh dear!!! Hope you heal quick!