Thursday, November 09, 2006

Diaper Cake

My MIL asked me to make a Diaper Cake for someone at her job. This is my first one and it's public debut. As I was making it I got many more ideas and noticed things I need to change. Let's see if we all are on the same page. Please let me know what you Liked or not how to improve etc! Thanx! Posted by Picasa


Yasmeen Thomas said...

Wow that is really creative. I love it. I have never seen one before. I think you did a great job. You can always go online and see if anyone else has created a diaper cake and if they have a pic for it.

Lindsay said...

that is so cool Mel!
I wanna make one!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful. Great job.

I used cirlie ribbon around each layer to hang the goodies off of. I also used a stuffed animal to top it off...But he was too big last time and took up a lot of space.

I love the way you wrapped each layer. and putt he goodies inside like that. Great job!

chelle said...

Wow that looks so amazing!!! Great job!

NopeyGi said...

I'm the stay-at-home-mom nerd who always looks at your blog. Could you tell me how to make one of those diaper cakes? My family is currently experiencing a baby boom, and I have lots of baby showers to attend in the coming months! Here's my e-mail address:
Hope 2 hear from you soon!