Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tag You're It!

My girl over at Dancing Through tagged me to be apart of the People Connection Meme. All I need to do is to come up with five things about me and it dosen't matter what. Crap! I'm having a brain fart! Ok here it goes ....

When I was a kid...
  1. ... I used to sneak a packet of Apples and Cinnamon Quaker Instant Oatmeal and eat it in bed!
  2. ...I wanted to be the black version sof MaryLou Retton.
  3. ... I dared my god-sister drink her own pee!
  4. ... I had an afro.
  5. ... I called elephants --- osebats(Ah-see-bats) don't know why!

There you have it folks.

Note to those I tagged: Just come up with 5 things about anything that is YOU! Then tag 5 more people. Make sure that you link their names with their sites. Oh Yeah, when you are done...mosey on over to Sharon's Five Things and let her know she can link your five things.

1. Lindsay

2. Yazzie

3. Tanyetta

4. Rosalyn

5. Lara


Lindsay said...

Im doing it right now!

Anonymous said...

Somethings wrong with my bloglines...It's not telling me when updates are happenin'.

I love your list. Did she actually drink her own pee? I wanted to be Mary Lou too...Could you picture us together as kids...Jumping and flipping all over the neighborhood? (Then daring others to drink their own pee)

Sharon J said...

And did you God sister? I dread to think!

Thanks for joining in :-)

miles said...

Yes she did! Janet we would have ruled the hood!