Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Special Day!

Hello everybody! I just put my Mommy and Daddy to bed, they have had a very long day. I got Christened today and everybody kept telling my parents how quiet and good I was. The ceremony itself was very quick. It was me, Mom, Dad, and My Godparents: Stephanie andKarron to witness it, all other family were seated. They said a couple of prayers and he put his wet finger on my head and prayed again. ( I hope he doesn't put his hands in his mouth, like I do!) I wasn't afraid at all! No tears from me! Service was long for me and I began to get a little antsy and began to talk and sing on my own. It was all so very chaotic, people everywhere looking at me with goofy faces! I never got a chance to take pictures in my outfit so Mommy said that she is gonna put me back into my clothes for a photo shoot!

Once the service was over, we headed on home and Mommy jumped out of her church clothes faster that Flo Jo! Mommy still had to cook food for everyone and she had the help of her good friend Lisa. People started to come bit by bit and before you know it we had a small mob! Family and friends stopped by to see me. Most people hadn't seen me yet (out of mommy's belly that is!) Mommy wasn't able to take pictures of everybody with me and she apologizes, but if you remember she was busy taking care of guests and me and don't forget burning food!
people were requesting the burnt food.... go figure! I took pictures with my Aunt Virginia, Aunt Karen, Mrs. Benjamin, my cousins Lisa and Jan, Uncle Robert and Poppie.

We had all kind of snacks and things but most importantly ...dessert! Two chocolate cakes, apple pie, lemon cake, cheesecake. Yummo!

Anyway, it was a busy day for both of my parents, which is why I put them to bed and I'm blogging! :) My mommy will be so proud of my progress. Stay tuned for more pics that will be taken from the other digital cameras my mom can get her hands on!



Anonymous said...

I am looking for the picture of Miles looking handsome in his little white christening outfit

Aunt Jessie

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You look so handsome and proud! You have a wonderful family and they also look proud to be a part of your special day. I haven't been to a christening in a while, but if I remember correctly, they love it when babies sing and celebrate on their own. SO, I think you did a wonderful job. Also, you are a fantastic blogger. Your "linking skills" are impressive for such a young man. Maybe you'll be a computer pro when you get older! I am very proud of you and your mommy & daddy!!!

Yasmeen said...

Ryan and Mel,

Miles is soooo adorable. He is just one big HAM. I know he has been trained by the best. :)) He is just a little sweetie.


Cousin Yaz

Anonymous said...

Miles is the best godchild that anyone can ask for!