Thursday, February 08, 2007

All in the Mustard, Trying to Ketchup!

Let's play ketchup!
Well it has been a long time since I have really posted anything worth while, this may not be it but here it goes! Well 2 weeks ago we got our Penske truck the biggest damn one they had and with the help of Philadelphia Fire Fighters we were moved in , in no time at all. I was still battling a stomach bug I had for 4 days(yuck) and still managed to direct the boxes. My mother and mother-in-law were at the new house cooking calzones and pasta for the guys oh yeah and an ass load of beer! They were all so nice to help with the move. They took real good care of all of the breakables! Once they unloaded two trips worth of our crap they stayed and hung out a while.

It was still very surreal to me that we were moving into this house. After all of the junk we had to go through. I have been trying to unpack boxes and keep Miles from throwing everything on the floor. That's is something that he's been doing for about a month and a half. Any and everything has to be on the floor!

Anyhoo, we got a new fridge (stainless steel), Convection microwave, King size bed!, a deep freezer, and a dining room table and chairs w/ a server( hasn't arrived from India yet).
I have been working on getting Miles' room and playroom up and running. It is a work in progress. I do have a pic of the mural that it is in his playroom. Lindsay of splat designs inspired me to do a mural after seeing what she did for her son Travis.

Miles has taken a few baths in the new jacuzzi tub and I must say that HE LOVES IT! He has actually cried because he had to get out. We also got him this for the tub and it came with all these fun shapes that stick to the tub or wall. He also love the bubbles! Oh might I add that he peed like a big boy ( NO NOT IN THE POTTY) in the tub! Anyone got Lysol?

I have also taken to break Miles of the swaddle and all the naysayers mind yo damned business!
I have been putting him to sleep in his crib for naptime, since we had gotten used to putting him is his swing. It was tough the first time and I DID NOT CAVE! Nearly broke my heart! It took nearly 2.5 hrs the first fay I tried it. The day after that it took 40min. The day after that 45min. With each time there is less crying, thank God! Once he gets this napping thing down I hope to begin the nite time sleep swaddle free! Keep your fingers crossed!
Miles is currently cutting 2 teeth at the same time and it seems to be a race of who is going cut the gum first. He's handling it well considering. He will have a total of 8 little daggers!
I would show you more pics of the house but it looks about the same as before we moved in. I promise more pics to follow.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back and that all things are going smooth...Good luck in your new home.

I can't wait to see pictures of it all...

Missed you.

Lindsay said...

I am worn out after that post!!!!
I wanna see pictures!
I have really missed you and reading all the new stuff happening in your world!
Kiss MIles for me!

tAnYeTTa said...

LOL at--and all the naysayers mind yo damned business

I heard that!

Just wait until people will give you unasked for advice about everything under the sun about YOUR kid. Gotta love it. LOL
p.s. so glad you're settling in. miles is so cute.