Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Better Day

Well the snot fountain has seemed to slack off a bit and the coughing has decreased. Yesterday miles was fit to be tied, nothing I did made him feel any better. I would feed him... nothing, I would change his diaper...nothing, I checked his temp...nothing. He just cried and cried and cried. I mean real tears and seemed like he was pissed at me for something. I don't care what room we were in he wailed! Well until we got to the bathroom and it seemed like he was a different child. But we couldn't spend the next 3.5 hours in the bathroom.... or could we? He was insistent upon walking down the hall to his playroom himself ... no tears and as soon as we got to the doorway of the room " down came the rain ..." Oh my gaw what is wrong with my kid? I needed intervention and Ryan wasn't due home for 3.5 hrs! Well once Daddy got home he calmed down. We put him in the tub to relax him for bed and it helped a lil!

Today was much much better! I am glad to report. We started our day @ 6:30am, Ryan was on his way to work and I had to get Miles and myself up and dressed and fed because the plumber is coming to finish his work! Well he called to cancel and I was irritated , it is taking him too long to finish the job. Anyhoo, we were paid a visit by Auntie India and her mother Ms. Connie. They were our first official visitors and got the grand tour and said that they loved the house!
India has told me that she is pregnant and is going to the doctor to really confirm it. She looks it to me! I am happy for her. I let her play mommy and let her change Miles and he wound up peeing on my newly cleaned duvet cover! So she did really good for a newbie! Then she took him into his room and put him down for his nap! 5min people ... that's it 5min was all it took!

Then later on My mother came over to give us our V-day cards ( miles and me and ryan) !

Ryan was supposed to be coming home tonite but he took an overtime instead!

nite- nite!

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Anonymous said...

I really despise sick days...or should I call them sick weeks.

They seems to take forever to recover...the babies, the husband...all but you. You have to get better A.S.A.P

Glad he's getting there. Is he walking all by himself now?