Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snorts, Sniffles and SNOT!

Well Miles has been at war with his mucous and has been losing! This mess has been funning from his nose like one of those meditatiing waterfalls! Needles to say I keep wiping it with whatever I have ie. tissues, tp, my shirt, his shirt, bib, etc. Oh yeah like you haven't done the same. I think mucous is really like the Mucinex commercial, just move in and take over the nasal cavity! I think we have worn out the welcome of that dammned aspirator, I know that no child likes that thing but Miles used to be more tolerant of it. Now anytime he sees that green aparatus he begins to scream bloody murder! That goes the same with the saline nose drops. That was when he learned to call his Da! Yes folks the traumatic experiences of mucous removal has led him to develop a name to call his father!

We all have been looking like a hot bag of crap these days and just as soon as Miles is better we are getting all dressed up , ok at least dressed and take pictures. So stay tuned for those pics.

In other news :
We now have a working doorbell! Ding Dong!
Miles has a new closet rod to hang more everlovin clothes!
Ryan delivered his first baby on the job. It's a girl.
Cousin Jackson is sick with RSV. Get well soon!
Miles is getting better at brushing his teeth, HA !
I bought this and this and love it!

Well That's All Folks!


Lindsay said...

OH NO, our house has been taken over by snot too!
That hair straightener is pretty awesome and is that mouth wash the one that shows blue where plaque is?

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Hope you are feeling better...THANK YOU for writing me even while buried in your snot...You made me feel better...