Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Whatta Weekend!

This has been one busy weekend and I am sorry that I am just posting about now! My weekends are not like anyone Else's because my weekend begins when Ryan's 4-day off begins and that was on Friday.
Saturday was "The Baby Shower" for Cousin Najah. We don't know if she is having a girl or a boy. That would drive me crazy! It was really nice, it reminded me of my own shower in that her boyfriend was there to enjoy as well just as Ryan was present for ours. The centerpieces were diaper cakes and then were switched to real cakes for dessert ( on each table). She was loaded down with tons of stuff!

I was totally lunchin' on the picture tip, but Tasha and Roz were taking plenty so I'll make sure to steal them when they are available. There were cousins I we haven't seen since I was pregnant! So they were able to see Miles and he performed at times but warmed up and played with the kids. I was a good time had by all!

Sunday was my "not so little cousin's" son's 2 nd Birthday! He was the life of the party. Truly!
His name is Zebbie but aka Z4. Miles was all over the place like he owned the house! He ate pretzels and tortilla chips and salsa. He wasn't interested In any thing else. The food they had was YUM-O!

Here are a few pics

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