Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Miles has had his long overdue 15month check up! That's a whole other story!

First I have to brag! Miles climbed up the steps to his Dr's office and stood on the scale and still, so his weight can be recorded. Then he preceded to walk down the hall to have his his height taken. He was such a big boy a pro even! he played with a toy he found and watited for the greatest doctor - Dr. White.

She is totally pleased with his growth and development and so are we!

When we were finished we went the lab to get his tetnus booster and he took it like a REAL trooper! NO TEARS! at all! He even got a spidey sticker to boot!


26 lbs

30.75in tall

Size 5 shoe

18-24 mos clothes

He's a big boy!

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tAnYeTTa said...

go miles! you are perfect :)