Sunday, January 07, 2007

103.7, No it's not a Radio station!

Miles is sick... again! The first one was after Thanksgiving and caught a cold from his cousin. It lasted a week and a couple of days, it didn't dampen his spirits. This time it started with a fever of 103.7 . WOW! I called hid pediatrician and told me to give him Infant Tylenol and ply him with liquids. We did that and put him to bed. This was Friday and my parents were over to wish me Happy belated Birthday to me. Well Saturday rolled around and the boy still had a fever! It was lower but still a fever(102.9). So we just hung out and drank water and ate cereal and pears. Miles' fever didn't stop his appetite or his playtime! That was the only thing that kept me grounded. He lit up like the Christmas tree we should have had(a whole other story!) when my mother came over to bring me my birthday quiche and gifts! he had a ball climbing up and down his grandmommy. I was so glad to have my mom there and my MIL as well. Ryan started a tour on Saturday an is working a 24 today. I won't see him until Monday morning. I know my grammar sucks and this the worlds longest bloggy sentence but who cares! Anyhoo, Miles is sleeping and has a temp reading from the butt ladies and gents ( drumroll) 98.8. Keep ya toes and eyes crossed that it remains that way on Monday... we are taking to the doctor's office anyway.

Sweet dreams Miles!


Anonymous said...

Feel better cutie!!!

Just remember, he's building up antibodies!!!

Lindsay said...

poor kiddo!
Thats a HIGH fever :(
feel better soon