Thursday, January 11, 2007

We Too Are Settlers!

The Johnson family will be purchasing their second home on January 12,2007. We have a double settlement, meaning that we sell our house first and then buy our house. Can you all believe that is it finally happening? Do you remember when we started this journey back in August? We would drag the baby around neighborhoods looking for FOR SALE signs and doing drive by's. Our saint of a real estate agent has stuck by us since the beginning! She rolled with every punch and has perfected her "bob and weave". Looking back on the road that lead us here, I remember how excited we were when we saw the first home we absolutely loved. It was a tiny home in in a cul de sac, 3br 1.5ba open kitchen that had patio doors opening onto a newly built deck with stairs. It was very nice but small. Then we had seen numerous homes after that one and at the time nothing seemed to compare to the 1st home. Then we saw the 2nd home, remember it had 3br, office, finished basement listed at 179,000 but seller agreed to 156,000 because it needed work? Then another buyer waived the inspection and pulled the rug from under us. During this time we found 2 buyers for our house and decided to go with the person we knew(big mistake!!! never again!!!) We told her that we were selling our home for $76,900 and she said," I was thinking $72,000". Well needless to say Ryan and I were very happy. When we called our real estate agent, and talked numbers we found out that she wanted her final cost to be $72,000. That makes the sale of this house at 466,000. You do the math! This was all contingent upon a home inspection. At the same time she wasn't as accessible as we need her to be since her father was having surgery and needed to be with him. It took a while to get her home inspection done and when she received her report she was overwhelmed to say the least. She told us on Thanksgiving Day that there were way too many things the matter with this house and she would need us to come down another $20,000 and we knew that we couldn't do that ane be able to pay off the people we needed to and buy the house we wanted. So I told her that we think about it and get back to her(we had a tenative settlement date of December 18th). We told her that there was no way we could do $20,000, then she said okay at least half way at $10,000. So we finally agreed to it and feeling a lil sore if catch my drift! Ten days before we settle she backs out of the deal, oooohhhhhhh I was hotter than fish grease! We couldn't believe that she would pull a move like that and be so freakin' slow about it, not leaving much time to find another buyer. I asked our REA(real estate agent) to contact the original buyers to see if they were still interested ... and they were!

The story was condensed, it is already long as @#$# ! Please refer to this previous post to see the pics of our house!


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I am so excited for you. Good luck on the closing...I can't wait to see pictures of your hubs carrying you over the new threshold....

Yasmeen Thomas said...

CONGRATS cousins! My mom told me the great news and she said that your house is beautiful and huge. I can not wait to see it. Much success and blessings as you settle into your new home!



Lindsay said...

I am sooo glad it is finaly gonna happen! GOOD LUCK!