Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're Moooooooooving!

Well everyone its official, we are in fact moving this Saturday! It has been a long time coming and it is HERE! I am, at this point just throwing crap in boxes to be done with everything and I'll figure it out when we get into the new house. We al ready rented the truck and we have about 10 of Philadelphia's finest Firefighters to help us lift and load! The "mothers" will be providing food for the hungry guys and and beer courtesy of Ryan. I have no idea how to load the truck, since everytime we ever had to move something of mine always breaks! What is that about? Ryan's stuff is flawless! What should go on the truck first? Sofas, beds what? I have no clue. I know some of my online friends have moved recently and anyone else who happens to stumble across the blog please lend your advice!

I do apologize for not having more things of interest on the blog but I've got a one track mind! It'll be better very soon. So I am signing off at this time and will leave you with a meme that I found.

Love,Peace & Hairgrease!


Lindsay said...

CONGRATS and good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo excited for you...I wish I could help decorate!!!! (But at the rate I'm going...I'll have your rooms painted by the year 3000!)