Friday, March 02, 2007

14 Months Old !

Well Miles is 14mos old ! I can't believe that it has been going by so fast! All of my other Mommy friends have been talking about how they grow up so fast and how we aren't exactly ready for them to need us less and less with every passing milestone. Miles is really handling toddler hood pretty well for now, I do know that he has toddler sizes teething grenades of attitude ready to have the pin pulled!

Today I packed away all of his bottles and nipples, not because he's 14mos but he has been drinking from a sippy cup pretty consistently for about a month, so no time like the present! I bought these and these, since he seems to be comfortable with them. I also did it because if the sippy cups are dirty then Daddy would use a clean bottle, I know this cuz we have done it! On to more news, Miles is actually playing with the rocket that his Grandmommy and Poppie gave him for Christmas, before he was just too attracted to the wheels. Naptime is less traumatic, however he falls asleep before I put him down. This is usually where I find him sleeping!

Miles is finally getting over a cold! Yippeeeeeeee. Now I believe that he HATES his Playroom! I know that all last week we tried to put him in there so we all could play and he had a fit. You'd think it was a torture chamber or something. Before he was sick he loved being in there. I will try him on Monday to see if he likes it again. I had so many plans for the room but now I am not motivated to work in a room that torments my son.

On a more Melanie note, I made my first Rachael Ray recipe. It was great if you like it like this! That is so not like me to do that, I re-toasted the bread in the oven and it was great if you like it spicy! The Gyro burgers were great! Oh Janet, maybe Mike can make these cuz I know you don't do the whole hadling of raw meat, however the Greek salad you'd probablly like!


Yasmeen Thomas said...

Mel you are crazy! I see that Miles is coming along nicely. I see that his hair is growing back in. I guess we can't let everything go, huh? Anyway, have you tried seeing what makes Miles cry about his room. Is it the toys or the floor, or the walls, or the temp. I guess Miles just has his own way of dealing with things. In time he will come around. Keep working on the room. Next time you decide to toast buns, put it in the toaster, it's timed!

Love ya,


tAnYeTTa said...

thats how my meals look everyday. i cannot wait until the hus gets home. i need a good homecooked meal. (sigh) :)