Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am so in love!

Well the other day I was outside sweeping my front porch and my neighbor who barely speaks, nearly talked my ear off! She is a "Foster Parent" I put the quotes there because the motives are questionable. ( That's another post!) She brought out this little angel and her name is Marie. She had little curls on the top of her head and short hair around the sides and back. It was perfect like she had been to the hair cut place! Her eye were so bright and brown and full of wonderment. At 3months old she was already sick and on the road to recovery. Everytime I spoke to her she smiled at me like we were bonding, meanwhile my heart was in my throat! Here she was potentially an orphan and with this "questionable" Foster Parent. If some one told me that she was mine for the taking, all you would have seen were dust trails!

OMG, I couldn't believe how attached I have become to this little one that I've only seen once! She has even been my dreams 2 nites in a row! I would love Ryan to see her. I know he'd feel the same! I wish I could have taken a picture!

Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

Too Sweet.
Maybe she and Miles will bond?

Melany aka Supermom said...

I would absolutely love to adopt a little girl. It breaks my heart to think that a child should grow up in as an orphan. Without a mom's loving arms and kisses and protection