Monday, March 19, 2007


This morning like every other morning I go to get Miles and begin our day! Well today the rail on his crib would not drop as it is supposed to. We have had this problem usually after we change the sheets on his matress. This is not the case and I am not, I repeat I am not tall, so getting him was a lil difficult. Once I got him out I called Ryan to see if he had any tips and there was nothing said that I hadn't already tried! He just said that he would take care of it when he came home tonite! Sweet dude. The it occored to me that I have to put him down for his nap "in the crib". I tried and tried and nothing. I had to get the step stool I use to get into our bed. Please no laughing! I hear you out there! To make matters worse he wouldn't go to sleep. I was standing there on this stool lokking like the MC at a circus in the cartoons. BTW why are thaey always sooo short?


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

No, I'm not really laughing...out loud.
Just a chuckle.

Stine said...

hum hum hum. No.. good luck with your crib! Miles is sooo cute!