Monday, October 02, 2006

There are Times ...

When I wonder if I have made the right choice by staying at home to raise my child. Leaving most of the financial responsibility on my husband. Is it fair to my husband? Before Miles, we were both about equally responsible! I am getting a little nervous about going back to work. I have put in resumes and cover letters everywhere but the restrooms in Wendy's! I have not had any responses, if that weren't enough I still have to figure out Day Care! Oh my stars! It is crazy! My ideal job would be to work in Day Care so that Miles' tuition would be discounted. I have to be even more selective, I'm not going to put him any old place just because I work there, ya know! I know tha I sound very whiney and BOY is that a pet peeve. I guess I know tha i have made the right choice for Miles' sake, because I just look at his face and I know that I have. I haven't missed or had to hear that my child has developed a new skill from someone else. By no means am I knocking other families who chose a different path, I think any decision is and can be difficult!
For nine months I have watched Miles grow and develop into a "Curious George"! In this middle picture he has figured out how to undo his velcro on his sneakers ... and as with all things put them in his mouth. I know that I am rambling, but my mind is all jumbled up and this the way its coming out folks! Well that's it! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said... can tell by just looking at him that being with you is what he needs...Don't'll find a job when it's time for you to.

NopeyGi said...

You don't know me, but I check out all sorts of blogs..even for people I don't really you. :)Anyway, I just wanted 2 say that I 2 quit my job when I had my daughter who is now 2. You did the right thing.It has been a sacrifice for us as well, but I marvel at how much more advanced my daughter is from other children her age who are in daycare. Last year I got a job at a daycare to help my husband out w/the bills. It was nice 2 be able 2 be right there w/my daughter & bring in some extra cash,But it was easy 2 see how the children in the daycare don't receive as much attention and mental stimulation as children do who are w/their moms & receiving 1 on 1 attention. There are about 4 kids 2 every 1 worker. I have a niece who is my daughter's age, but is in daycare. My daughter is potty-trained..she isn' daughter can count to 20, she can't. My daughter knows all of her colors and can identify most numbers and letters of the alphabet. My niece can't id any colors/letters. My daughter has been speaking in complete sentences since she was 1. My niece just started doing that a couple of months ago, but her speech still isn't very clear. & I'm sure there are some stay-at-home moms, whose kids aren't as advanced-there are always exceptions 2 the rule, but in my case and i'm sure in yours it's best 4 our kids. I'm not judging mothers who go back 2 work-everybody has 2 do the right thing 4 their family. But I say all that to say,you're doin the right thing, girl. Keep ya head up!