Friday, October 27, 2006

Let's Play Ketchup :)

There has been a lot going on at the Johnson House! For those of you who don't know, we are planning to move as soon as we can find a home in a good area on our budget...Good luck! We have actively been looking at houses since June of this year. That goes to show you that it is slim pickins here. Within the last three weeks we have been approved for a mortage loan and put our current house on the market @ Century 21. Things have been moving so fast that my head is spinning! We have fallen in love with this house and that house, some of which were a lil pricey! The last home we saw was a 3.5 br 1.5ba and it was on the corner. It was a good size but needed work. Ryan loved it and I was liking it a lot, we were running around putting in offers of 155,000 and she the seller agreed. The house was orig. for sale for 175,000. We put money down for good faith and all that jazz, only to have a flipper wave everything as well as an inspection! Oooooh we were pissed! So now we are back to square one. We looked at another home on the same block and wanted 180,000 and it was way smaller! We got on Saturday to look at 3 more homes incl the 5br 2 ba. Cross your fingers!

Next order of business! It is official, Miles is turning into a vampire! His top canine teeth are coming in instead of the normal fronts! I stumbled across them by accident one day.
Miles is growing more and more comfortable with cruising around the house, climbing the stairs now trying to use the banister and jumping in his crib! I just love to see him grow and develop his personality. He is a "ham", he truely knows how to get attention and push buttons. Tommorrow Miles turns 10 months... where does the time go?

Today I sold our home to a family friend. So now I can take it off the market!!!!!!! Yay! I hated strangers wandering thru my house and I think someone stole my $7 ... I still haven't found!
Anyhoo, we fill out paper work for the sale of our houses and go look at some more.

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