Thursday, October 12, 2006

T13 #3

13 Reasons why I want to Move

1. Someone was shot by police in our backyard!
2. Neighborhood is not getting any better!
3. People will pee all over your sidewalk.
4. I have come home to people I don't know sitting on the steps of my OWN home!
5. I want a safer environment for Miles to live in.
6. I want a bigger bathroom!
7. Did I mention someone was shot in our backyard!
8. There is no parking in front of our house all handicapped accessible and no one is anymore!
9. Majority of my windows do not open!
10. I don't see myself here for 30yrs event though we got a seven yr mortage.
11. Porch leaks!
12. Big toilet pipe needs to be replaced b4 it explodes!
13. We got approved for a loan. :)


Lindsay said...

scary Mel....
I want you to move now!

Anonymous said...

Come to NY!!! We'd love to have ya...The kids have to meet and get married some day right?

chelle said...

ok ummm you totally have great reasons to move!!!!!