Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thank God for Changing Pads!

Ok, I don't know why I felt the need to share this bit of information with you but as soon as it happened, I just knew I had to share! I was putting Miles down for the night and I was changing his diaper and as with any other diaper change, I have to give him something ot keep him relativiely still.

All day Ryan and I kept smelling poop, but everytime we checked his Pamper... nothing! Well I go to change his diaper and bingo! There was a package and whew was it funkeeee! Oh, but wait it gets worse. I just know Cousin Tasha is gonna love this. It kept coming and it was a farkin rainbow! You heard me people, it changed colors right b4 my eyes. And to make matters much more colorful, I had no diaper under him ...yet! I swear I was looking for an off button to make it stop. So there wasn't anything I could do until he had finished. Thank God for changing pads! The other side of the comforter is already messed up from the banana incident!

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Anonymous said...

That is funny stuff...What did he eat? I'm definitely gonna call Miles 'Rainbow Brite' for at least a few more days after this post....