Tuesday, August 01, 2006


S.O.S (Still on Swaddle)

Ok Mommies I am reaching out to you for your ideas, tips, encouraging words, advice - preferably all of the above!

My son is 7 months and he still needs to be swaddled! Is this normal? I don't want to cause any muscular damage or anything! If I don't swaddle him we will both be up and we can't have that! He is an active sleeper w/o it.

I have tried to wean him from it but he only lasts a few hours before he's completely up and won't go back to sleep for another 45 minutes. He does ok if he's sleeping with one of us ( we found that out on vacation not something we practice at home!!!)

Our Pediatrician seemed ok with it, but I want him to be able to sleep on his own ya know. I don't want him to have to pull out this wrap on his wedding night and his wife saying WTF!

I know that there a lot of you who check out my blog looking for pix and not leaving comments that's fine but if you can find it in your hearts to leave me some info on this matter I would truly appreciate it. I also know that my regulars that comment won't let me down. Leave a comment or tell me in confidence.


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

You know I'm gonna comment! For starters, Lily slept in her car seat for a good 4 months of her new life. Her version on swaddling! She needed to be upright becasue of some intestinal issues, but we found that while sleeping in her car seat..she was 'swaddled' and coccooned and comfy. She slept all night starting at 4 monts on. We were thrilled. I was fearful that when the Dr. told us it was time to spread out in her crib, she wouldn't sleep. But she did. Like a champ. Now my suggestion: Lily was already out of her car seat at around 7 months. Maybe you should try getting him used to being out of the blankie all the time. Naps, nighttime, everything. It might be difficult the first few nights, but he'll get used to it. They always do. Hay, maybe Lily and Miles will marry one day and she'll be in her pull up and Miles will be in his blankie...that should make for an interesting honeymoon! I can't wait! Sorry I dont have more for you. Hop I helped even a little...

"The Booga Wooga" said...


I did stop by to look for pics but I didn't want to be one of those persons who was non-responsive. The only problem is, I'm not familiar with the "swaddling thing" you are using for Miles because I never used one before. In fact, I saw it for the first time when you recommended it to Tasha several months back. If my memory serves me correctly, she was never able to get Elijah adjusted to it so, I have no wisdom to share. Elijah prefers to be free and loose when he sleeps...so much so that we had trouble getting him to stay under a blanket. Sorry, but at least I "had it in my heart to respond" (I just loved that) and your cry for help didn't fall on deaf ears. However, I can give you some very general advice that I feel fits just about anything you are trying to ween your child off of...just take it away and "let the chips fall where they may." There may be a lot of crying at first but, it always stops, eventually. Say "hi" to Ryan and kiss Miles for us!


P.S. We really enjoyed the aquarium pics!

Denver said...

Denver's Mama says:

I agree with the other comments. I say cut it "cold turkey". He will cry for a few nights...but he'll get over it. If he wakes up, try other ways to reassure him of security. Rub his head, stomach back...sing a little. I know you are probably used to getting sleep, now that's he's not a newborn and should be sleeping through the night. It might just be harder on you than for him, cuz he's gonna get his sleep no matter what! So you might just have to tough it out for a few days and try different things. Hooray for Motherhood!!
We used to swaddle Denver when he was a few weeks old. But by the 2nd month we just stopped. He was kicking that thing off!! So he hasn't used one since.

I'm trying to wean him off of rocking him to sleep. But he's teething pretty bad right now, so I feel bad just letting him cry for so long. But you know what? I just do a mixture sometime I rock him a little and other times I just let him cry. It really just depends. Lately he's been good for just laying him in the bed and saying "night night"

In short, cuz my comment is getting a little long. Listen to your heart and just do whatever you feel is best.

My two cents...

Carolyn said...

Hi Melanie,

I don't think swaddling a child is a problem. He must feel comfortable and cozy that way. I say, as long as they sleep, leave them alone.

Consider yourself lucky that your child leaves his blankets on. I have a 2 month old that will keep herself up so she can kick them off her. She is like a giant ice cube in the morning.

If you feel that it's not right that Miles still wants to be swaddled, maybe you can loosen up his blankets a little each day. Kind of ease him into it.

Don't worry about the wedding night...he'll be fine by then LOL....