Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 1, 2006

Today Miles goes in to have his 4 month shots and to make the most of our $5 co-pay, we ask every question; dumb and not so dumb. I love our doctor, it's just the staff at the office that piss me off! This wannabe nurse must have been fresh out of CHI institute. She tried to rush us through everything and not want to really handle Miles, basically Ryan and I did everything but take the boy's temperature! Every other nurse has told us to put a dry diaper on the baby to make sure that there aren't any added pounds. She didn't understand that at all. Anyhoo, once she collected all the info she left a survey for me to fill out. Needless to say they got an earfull.

baby stats
Weight: 17lbs 14 oz.
Length: 24 inches long
*Doctor is thoroughly impressed with Miles' development!

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