Monday, May 22, 2006

To Braid or not to Braid... That is the question?

Yippee! We are going to Famous Dave's ! Maybe they will give me a bone or sumthin'! While we were there I entertained a group of white women. Mommy has told me it is not necessary to disclose someone's race when describing people but, I feel it is important to the story. These woman were enamored with me and my," brown eyes, and beautiful hair". These are their words. They asked questions like, what is his name, and how old is he? When mommy told them I was 4months old the one woman said, " Oh! It's time to start braiding his hair!" Daddy and I thought mommy was going to flip her lid, but she remained cool. She replied, " Oh! no, there'll be NO BRAIDING OF THE HAIR! Maybe if he was a girl. Wait Miles, let mommy explain what I mean. If you are a mother who braids their son's hair that is totally your personal choice... I choose not to braid. I already knew the things I was going to do when I found out that I was having a boy and braiding hair was not one of them. I wanted my son to begin his life above the stereotype of what people think "little black boys" should look like! I am not raising a 'lil thug. Oh God I am not saying that all little boys that have their hair braided are thugs . Wow! This could go on forever. If you really have a prob then email me. Sorry folks no disrespect.
O.K. , mommy can I finish? Yes please finish. Why would she say something like that to my mommy, if she didn't think that that was the norm among African Americans? Please any and all comments accepted!

Now this is how I looked all the way home!

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Anonymous said...

it depends on your environment if you are trying hard for them not to be a thug then he will be a thug regardless of braids or not