Monday, April 17, 2006

Mommy's Must Haves!

MUST HAVE #1 - Miles' Smiles
The past 16 weeks have been the most fufilling, draining, rewarding, hectic, depressing and enlightening. As you can see it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but now I feel that I do better with the ups and downs. Every now and then I get thrown for a loop (no pun intended). Just when I think I'm about to just shut down, Miles turns to me (Mommy) and flashes me his award winning gummy grin. Its like giving me new batteries, I'm recharged!

MUST HAVE#2 - The Pacifeeder
A hands free baby bottle which promotes doctor recommended semi-upright feeding to reduce ear infections. Nipple stays full of liquid; reducing colic. Nipple won't leak.Bottle attaches to any car seat, stroller, etc., which prevents bottle dropping and tossing.
Built-in air vent. Air breathes into bottle as liquid is drawn out, eliminating vacuum which reduces ear infections and prevents collapsed nipples.
Miles really gets a kick out of being able to feed himself. It is convenient when you are on the road or out and about. It can be found at
MUST HAVE #3 - Swaddle Me Blanket by Kiddopatmus
When we brought Miles home from the hospital, he was having trouble staying asleep. We for the life of us could not figure out why. Just before we were ready to see if he'd be more comfy in a dresser drawer, we pulled out this thing. JUST KIDDING ABOUT THE DRESSER! None of the receiving blankets that we got as gifts fit him at all. They were using two blankets on him at the hospital. It was a Godsend to say the least! I went online to find more in a bigger size and got them, but they were tooo big. They only come in sizes Preemie, Small and Large. No medium! Now that Miles has pretty much outgrown the original and does a pretty good Bruce LeeRoy impression, it no longer holds him through the night. I am currently looking for something that will contain him until her grows into the others. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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