Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and boy were we busy. The day began by going to service at Greater Saint Matthew independent Church. That started on time and Miles was doing fine while the choir was belting out hymns, but as soon as the organ got started, Miles was less than thrilled. First, the lip poked out and then was followed by a whimper that only segued into a full on wail. The organ was sooooo loud that he didn't interrupt the song. Ryan and I were very pleased that, that was the only incident. Now mind you there were other children there who were older than Miles and they acted a damn fool! There was one child in particular, she looked to be at least 12 yrs old and actually threw a tantrum and slid out of the pew. Ryan had to pick her up off of the ground. I was waiting for her mother to yank her up and take her to the bathroom and have her feel more than just the spirit if you catch my drift!!!!!

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