Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Many Faces Of Miles

Is this the face of a child that loves to be washed? Miles would rather bask in the mystery aroma coming from the folds of his neck. This is usually the look that we get when he is put into the tub. As for the creative hairdo, that was all my doing. His daddy feels the need to capture it on film so that we can use it to show his future girlfriends.

This is me and my Grandmommy, oh yeah Clarabelle Cow and Paul the Giraffe. Boy do we love Grandmommy!

@#$% PAPARAZZIWe are sitting in the car waiting for Ryan to come out of Babies R Us. I got bored and thought this would be a good opportunity to take a pic of my boy. Let's face there always time to take a pic! By the look of this picture, Miles doesn't think so. NO MORE PICTURES PLEASE!


Miles is a lively character, and has a multitude of facial expressions. "Let me introduce me to my little friend".

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