Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh My Noodles and Gravy!

Wow! Recently I have been feeling like a real loser at my job and no matter how many times I repeat my mantra, I don't feel like a winner! Well today I am a winner. I won a contest a really cool contest. If you read my blog you know that my good bloggy gal pal Lindsay @ My
Splatter Painted Life
held a win a template contest and I won. I read on her blog a while back that she was training to run in a half marathon and I wanted to donated to her cause but i was broke as a joke and late on bills blah blah blah, but I fell that it is very important to give back someway somehow. I am even trying to get the two year old to give back so we are going to collect all the spare change and donate it in his name and hopefully when he is older he'll get it.

When I was cruising i checked out her blog and found out that I won! I lose cool points cuz I cried like them fools on TV! But you guys don't understand I DON'T WIN ANYTHING!

Thanx Lindsay !


chelle said...

Sorry to read that your not feeling it at work :( Sorry I have lost touch a little, just been crazy busy with life.

Arlene said...

What?? You don't win anything?? You won my son's heart and his love, didn't you? You beat out "the other chick," didn't you? You are blessed my young one. Bask in the love of your family. We'll be there to declare you WINNER in everything. You have won our love. What's greater than that?