Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day Care Blues!

Lately Miles' daycare has been slipping! The past few times that I have taken Miles to school, we have been ignored! Miles already doesn't like to go to school and I am beginning to know why. When we arrive, I take his coat and hat off, give him his juice and cereal, hug and kiss him, then scoot him into his room. He begins to cry and my heart breaks into a million little pieces and out of the four teachers who are gathered around talking, NO ONE does anything about the crying child. Not one of the teachers speak to us when we arrive. So I ask one of the slackers where the Director is and as soon as they reply and I go and find her I hear someone call his name.

When I found the Director, I had to speak with her about what had just happened and she nodded me up and down and said that they were going to handle it. Yeah right! I already had a talk about Miles' sensitive skin and how Miles comes home smelling of bad perfume and it is breaking his face out. I am not exaggerating when I say that it gets so bad that he scratches his face until bloody. I emailed her a memo about it and he got his daily report on Friday, it said, Instructions from Parent: Do not hold Miles he may be breaking out from teacher's perfurm. Yes I left the misspelled words in on purpose!

We are, to say the least fed up and ready to pull him out! My memo didn't say anything about not holding my child. If Miles was an infant would I be getting the run around? Our request are not unreasonable but they are necessary. Any suggestions? Advice? I am on fire right now!

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tAnYeTTa said...

LMAO--did they say perfurm?
and they're teacher's? LOVE it.

How did it all work out? I'm late to the topic and I know by now things are probably ok, I just want to make sure.

I've been a slacker friend. I haven't been to your blog since April? It's May. :(