Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bending Over Backwards!

Well I finally bit the bullet and took my behind to the chiropractor. I have had a lot of trauma to my back through the years and after I had Miles, it was just getting worse. I have been having trouble sleeping, bending over to pick Miles up, and even getting out of the bed. In the past, I have gone to doctors and therapy, I always felt that that there was something more to be done with my back. Well now is the time and I am actually loving it! I go 4x a week for 4weeks, then 3x a week for 4weeks, 2x a week for 4weeks and 1x week for 4weeks. I get adjusted (snap, crackle, pop), get a 30min massage, and exercises to help me hold the adjustment.

I sleep better than before but not great! I have more energy! I am really looking forward to my appointments. I really can't wait to be free of pain!


Anonymous said...

Chiropractors rule.

I see one regularly...and I haven't been for the past two weeks with preschool taking over my life...But I friggin' feel it.

Hope it works quickly for you..

chelle said...

I second that! I was totally freaked out when I injured my foot .... chiropractor made it all better...YAY! Glad you are feeling better too!