Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sick and Tired!

Well for the past week mama and baby have been snifflin and snottin around the house. I figured that we were being attacked by allergies and there was really no way around it. Ya know - NO BIG DEAL! Well I noticed that both our boogers were lovely shades of yellow and green and went very well with the red leaves that have fallen in our yard! We were set to take a little road trip to Rochester, NY to see Miles' God Parents since he hasn't seen them since he was six month old! Saturday morning the boy woke up with a fever. He had felt warm before we put him down but nothing major. I opted not to take him to the doctor and would see how it would play out. I went to get him, as I usually do in the morning and he had a film of yellow-green snot from ear to ear! Yippee and a fever to boot! Well I wanted to be on the safe side and not to push my luck driving through the mountains and irritate his ears. People if you know me, you know my luck with traveling with a sick kid! I just didn't want to risk it! As soon as I got him de-snottified, I called his godparents to let them know we wouldn't be coming. I feel really bad, we all were looking forawrd to this trip. We are trying to figure out when we can do this again. I haven't heard from his Godparents, I hope they understand!

Miles did break his fever last nite and seems to be in good spirits, full of snot, but good spirits nonetheless! Oh yeah, Mommy's doing ok 2!

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a good thing that you didn't go on the road this weekend. You may have been tempted to give Miles Benedryl to relieve his symptoms. Medical science has said this weekend that such medications are not good for kids. I hope staying at home, away from the swirling "mites" was a better "cure."

"The Anonymous Grandmother"