Thursday, September 13, 2007

Late Update!

OK I do apologize to the 3 people who have been checking everyday for a new post, thank you for your loyalty. I haven't really been in the blogging mood, primarily because I can't type! I wish I could just call you all and chat my post but I can't, so here it goes.

Cousin Rikki and Troy are welcoming their first child in October. I attended the shower and totally left my camera at home. (whatta boob!) Rikki looked great, and her belly filled with their future! I sense the excitement and welcomed fear that we all experience as new moms, my wish for her is to stay in the moment and enjoy the experience. Good Luck!

I had initially noticed that Miles was running around with a limp and I watched him like a hawk. At first, I thought that he was trying out the gallop and I thought how cute, I finally got a pony. Ha! So I made a Dr's appt. and the doctor put him thru a range of motions and saw that there was a discrepancy in his leg length. She advised us to keep things the way they are and as long as he isn't in any pain. She gave us a script for a bilateral hip x-ray. This oughtta be loads of fun. On top of it all we have to wait to see the Ortho doc in NOV! Otherwise he's great!

Miles is beginning to recognize some of his letters. Just last night, he said A-G. He really enjoys saying D-E-F. When he sees the letter D, he gets all happy and says Daddy( it sounds like this da-deeee) He also says goo goo goggles (thanx Dr Seuss). He is coming down the stairs on his own with heavy supervision.

In other news, Miles threw up all over me the other day, just to tell me how much he loves me!
It was all over my left side, on toys, my purse and books! We had to wash him twice to get the smell off. Wheeeeew!


~JJ! said...

Oh Miles! You're little legs are so cute. Don't worry about the x-ray.

When Fa was about 18 months, she had one exactly like you are going to have...she was scared, but I got to wear a shield and stay with her...

They thought her hips were dislocated at birth (long story)...She was a trooper. I know you will be too...

Give your momma hugs from NY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well finally!! I am one of the 3 who check this site every day (sometimes twice a day.) Growth in children is sometimes difficult to comprehend. Don't sweat the physical stuff. Children have their own way of continuing to grow without a parents' understanding, assistance or agreement. Love you guys.

chelle said...

awww hope all turns out well with the x-ray, super glad you are not in any pain!