Monday, October 29, 2007

Skeletons, Forrest Fairies and Doctors Too

We loaded up the truck with Miles and Grandma Arlene in tow, we headed down south to see the fam! Saturday was Olivia's 7th Birthday! It was a costume party at a Roller Rink. There was more than one party happening but it wasn't outta control at all! It was very organized!

We arrived Friday Night about 8:30 and Miles was up the entire trip and finally fell asleep 30min before we got their house. He was up for a little bit but the boss in me wanted him to get back to sleep so as not to knock him too off schedule. HE was down around 10pm and back up at 3:45AM! Well he went to sleep again at 6:45 and up again at 7 something! We all got dressed and trekked to the Rink. Miles was really cute in his Homemade(by me) costume! He even got a lollipop for the costume contest. He should have won! Hahahahah! Olivia seemed to be having a ball as a Forrest Fairy! Such a big girl in roller skates eating candy and skating! You guys have to know that we don't get to see the Reidsville Johnson's very often and the last time I saw Olivia was when she was three.

Miles really enjoyed the party. He wanted to get out there and skate. After the party we went back to their house and opened presents! We changed Miles into play clothes and notices that he was wheezing and had some labored breathing so after it didn't seem to clear up we ....
(if you are a follower of the blog you know that since our Texas trip, include tours of local hospitals!) .... You guessed it we went to the Hospital and thank God we did! When we got there he had a fever and breathing was whistling and rattling. He got a chest x-ray and was really cooperative and got a cool sticker that is still on his shirt! Some one please remind me of that before I wash it! Anyhoo, He also got a blow-bye breathing treatment and meds to reduce inflammation in his chest. What fun! We were (the grown ups) supposed to go the movies but wound up not going and just hung out and ate.

All in all we had a really good time ! And I think it is safe to say that Miles and his big cousins Chris and Olivia got a kick kout of each other! Olivia qiet as it is kept liked picking Miles up and if you know my kid he dosen't like many people picking him up . and Chris enjoyed playing Peek-a-boo. Oh yes I have to thank the kid for letting us crash in his room! So thanks dude!

Here are some pix some candid and some not!

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chelle said...

aww Fantastic Photos!!
Hope Halloween was wonderful!