Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We're Back!

We got back into Philadelphia yesterday and boy do I have a tale to tell! So if ya got a minute check it out! We get into Texas and Ryan's Uncle Pancho picks us up from the DFW Airport and takes us on a mini tour of Fort Worth. We stayed at the AmeriSuites at the Stockyards, they were under construction in the lobby! We got there before 1pm and told ud that we had to wait till like 2pm to check in and Miles was having a meltdown, wet diaper, hungry and tired! My MIL worked some magic and got us registered and we were on our way! Our room had 2 double beds and we got Miles a crib. This will tell you how long its been since we all traveled, it was a Pack n' Play. It was the best thing we could have done. Anyhoo back to the tale, Thursday was supposed to be our check in /registration and dinner at Pancho's house. We were in our room relaxing and my MIL brought back a variety of sandwiches and sodas to eat and out of nowhere Miles decides that at that moment he was going to eat solid "real" food! He began by eating the lettuce from my sandwich and then went to Ryan's sandwich and ripped thru it like a termite to wood! I'd say about 30minutes later Miles' lip looked funny but he makes so many funny faces who could tell. Then it really didn't look right, it was no longer pink and it was swollen! Then it turned a yellowish and got really nervous. We, thank God, brought Benadryl and gave him that and headed to the hospital. The Hotel mgr. droves us and got there faster than a cab. When we got to Cook Children's Hospital ER they basically told us that he was fine and there was no real way of pinpointing what caused the allergic reaction. If his condition worsens to come back. We were now super exhausted and all we wanted to do was go back to the hotel. We got to the hospital @4:15 and was discharged @5:30. We called a cab and it nver came, the driver kept calling Ryan on his cell phone and saying he was at the ER and he wasn't . We calle the Cab Co. and they said they will send someone elsr and they never came. We called another cab and they told me they only do the airport. All together everyone DAMMIT! I am hotter than fish grease. Then I figured there was a cop in the parking lot, so I will ask for his help. He was on the phone and had no intentions on putting them on hold to see what I wanted. He shot me a look like what the hell do you want! So I walked away before he hauled me away for cussing him out. I went back into tje ER an asked the nurse for a new taxi number and she gave it to me and the dispatch said they would be there right away. In the meantime, Ryan was on the phone withthe Hotel to see if anyone could come and get us, a taxi rolled passed and I flagged him down and he looked like he was fresh form MARS! I asked him if he knew how to get to our hotel and he paused and said how do you get there? I told him that we din't know we were from out of town. So we went back and forth and then finially I said tell me now, do you know how to get to the hotel because your aren't gonna ride me around Texas and then charge me up the wazoo! We called back to the hotel and the called a cab to give then directions to the ER and back and don't you know we got disconnected! Urggh! By this time Miles has gone to sleep poor kiddo, I felt so bad for him. Another cab came by and he barely understood me and I just said screw it we had to take a risk and prayed that he didn't drive us into unknown land to have us for dinner, sending only our teeth to our families! HE MADE IT! Thank Ya Jesus We missed the shuttle to Ryan's uncle's house. We put the baby down and went to Riscky's and chowed down on catfish and ribs.

Friday was better for us. I helped set up for reunion registration and make name tags. Oh yeah it was hella hot and humid! So much so my MIL had gotten sick (Sorry Arlene for putting you on blast). By the Round-up she was back to her old self again. Speaking of the round-up it was full of family, food and games. Miles did wonderfully! No freaking out or anything. We had a Black Cowboy come to speak to us. There was karioke and I caught that on video. Later on Arlene (MIL) sat with Miles as he slept so Ryan and I could take a walk. Ok first of all no one told me that the crickets some out to dance around your toes! We looked at the stores that sold everything from BBQ to Southwestern decor. I got a frozen blue margartita and it was good! We strolled past a place called Booger Reds Saloon!

Saturday was the Family Picnic, and last nights frozen drink put me on my arss! Really bad hangover, hedache form hell! I stayed at the room and Ryan and Miles went without me and I tried to sleep it off I didn't start to feel better until about 7:45 pm and by that time we went to the rodeo. I loved it! But I knew I would. They even has kids chasing sheep and a calf. Loads of fun. Miles loved it too he even bopped to the beat of the country tunes that were playing then he fell asleep.

Sunday we were supposed to go to church but Miles devloped a cough and it didn't sound good and we kept him in to rest. Ryan was exhausted and stayed with the baby and I went to the passing of the gavel. That happens at the end of every family reunion and the next family will plan the reunion 2 years from now. We will be in Chi-town! ans the theme is baseball! Can't wait!

Miles was a trooper flying on the way to TX. On the way back he was a gem! Thank God for the Backyardigans and Gerber Puffs!
The airport neglected to send one of our bags :(
Miles ate a hot dog, hamburger, beans, and said ice.


"The Booga Wooga" said...

Cousin Melanie,

Glad to know that everyone had a good time and arrived home safely. The slide show is really nice. It sounds like the "highs" outnumbered the "lows" and of course, just being able to "get away" for a while is always nice.

When we went to the Meuse reunion in Miami, FL sometime ago (I think it was 1995), we traveled on Amtrak. There was another family reunion on the train too. When that group got off in South Carolina, for some reason, they put all of our bags off the train with them! Of course, it was in the wee-hours of the morning when we were all sleep and knew nothing about it. When we arrived in Miami, we had NO CLOTHES for approximately 24 hours until the bags were located and sent to the hotel in a cab. In spite of that, we had a really nice time and hope to participating again sometime.

Tell Cousin Miles we're glad he survived the "mayo incident" and you lay off the booze (smile)!


Anonymous said...

Well, happy to hear he's okay!!!

Sounds like a fun trip otherwise...

Erin said...

I found your blog through Lindsay at MySplatterpainted life!

Your trip to Dallas sounds very eventful. I am glad that everyone is doing well! Cabs are SCARY!

have a great week!