Tuesday, July 03, 2007


After 6 long months of waiting, waiting and waiting we finally got ..... Our Dining Room furniture! Wheeeee we are so excited. We bought the set soon after we settled on our house and they said that the table we wanted wasn't in stock in their warehouse and had to be made and shipped from India! We had no idea that it was gonna take this long to get to us. The lady told us that it would be a 90 wait, we figured no problem since we were faced with box after box. well tack on a nother 3 months and boy do you get 2 pissed customers. We would call every now and then to see if our order was ready and every time the lady would say we're still waiting to hear from them, but as soon as I know --you'll know. Then one night (1week ago) the owners husband calls us asking us these ?'s about the buffet/server. I asked him if there was something wrong and he said that he couldn't find it in the warehouse. I was ready to blow up! I stayed cool. Then his wife called and apologized for her husband's asanine way of handling things and said the buffet/server was present and accounted for still waiting on the table. We got a call last Thursday that our table had arrived and is ready for delivery. Oh yeah the delivery charge was $150. I asked them since we had to wait so long was there any way they would cover the charge and the husband said no. So I called the wife the next day and she told me that they miscaluculated the 10% initial discount and we were owed $107. She cut the check and came in the mail 2day. So all in all we paid like $43 for delivery! Everybody happy? Hell no, to make matters worse, we were putting the table legs on and the last leg gave us such a hassle. We couldn't get the screws to go in all the way. We thought we had done something, so we called the shop ans they sent someont to fix it and it turned out that the screws were too damned long! I'm sorry yall but it pisses me off. Anyhoo, the table is fixed and everything ins everything! Her are some pics!
This is what it looked like b4.



Lindsay said...

check out my blog
I have a present for you on there!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful...Good luck.

We were having our buffet delivered yesterday and when it got off the truck it looked like it fell from a 30 story window...UGH...

chelle said...

Wow that is beautiful! Tough waiting like that though!