Friday, September 22, 2006

And We Rocked.

Wow! What a beautiful day! The weather was absolutely wonderful! I almost want to break out into song. But I'll spare you. Today was another day off for Ryan and we just rode around town with the baby. Miles' day didn't start off well at all. He was up off and on last night and refused to take his nap this morningand didn't take one until about 12pm.

We went to a Thrift Store not far from our home and I got some really good finds. I got 7 pieces of Pyrex and Corningware dishes for $7.48! But I digress, I can remember commenting on my cousin's blog about how fast our kids are morphing from the snuggly, cuddly, "mommy hold me" to "mini taz's"! I really miss the little boy that needed me for he thinks he can do it all on his own. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he's discovering the world including our living room, one DVD at a time!

On with the story, when it was time for bed(both baby and mommy were wiped out!) Miles cooperated and help with putting his PJ's on, diaper change was smooth and after that was done I stood him up and whispered in his ear like a secret," I love you so much and I'm thrilled to be your Mommy. Today was challenging and we both made it out in one piece. Now it's time for you my love to go to bed and when you wake up, we will start a new day." I gave him a kiss and he kissed me back( his version). Then........ the moment that I have missed, returned in a split second. He climbed up into my lap and put one hand on my chest (cleavage) and the other hand on my arm, then laid his head on my shoulder and we rocked and rocked .... and we rocked.

I was almost brought to tears as I reminenced how it used to be, it was like he knew I needed it. He knew that the was the very thing to make mommy feel better. We sat and rocked for about 15 minutes. Everyday I am amazed at my son and all the new things he learns. Thank You Miles!

Luv U


Lindsay said...

I think Miles and Travis are having the same sleeping problems! He just has NOT wanted to close his eyes at all.... I htinkhe is afraid he is going to miss something fun :)

Ya'll have a GREAT weekend!

Jared said...

That is so sweet. I wanted to thank you for the suggestion about the organizer. I didn't think about that.

Jared's Mom